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If you have your own ebook, I’m sure you’ve heard of how you should use affiliate programs to get others to promote your ebook. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by assuming that you have no idea what I’m talking about.

But when you have your own ebook, don’t you find it harder than ever to not only get people to promote it for you, but even to get a hold of these people to do it?

That was one obstacle that actually prevented me from getting anyone to promote my first ebooks. It’s not hard for me anymore, but I feel for others who are in this predicament now.

Well, I wanted to relay some information that I was taught by my JV Broker actually, and it helped me with my recent release…so I’ll teach it to you now.

If you don’t talk dollars and cents to potential partners, they are probably not going to promote, PERIOD.

First off, you need to know your product’s conversion ratio. This is simply a ratio of buyers to website visitors. So for instance, if your site has received 1000 visitors, and 30 of them have purchased your product, then we take 30/1000 = .03 or 3%

3% is your product’s conversion ratio.

Now, if you’ve never sold your product before, then you can do like I do, and simply build your own mailing list, and pitch it to them first. I do that all the time before I release anything.

There are many ways in which you can build your list. I have a whole book about it and more HERE that you can check out whenever you wish. But let’s stick to the business matter at hand.

Now, once you’ve found out your product’s conversion ratio…multiply that by the price of your product, and then multiply THAT by how much you plan to pay your partners and affiliates.


You have a $47 product, that converts at 3% and your affiliate program pays out 60% per sale to your affiliates.

So, $47 x 0.03 (3% conversion) x 0.60 (60% commission) = $0.84

So what does $0.84 mean? Well, to your potential partner…this is how much they should ‘virtually’ get for every person they refer to our product. So, if you have a potential partner, you can tell him/her that the ‘visitor value’ is $0.84 and how they should earn $0.84 for every person they send to your site.

Now, some partners I know won’t promote a product unless the value is at least $1. Honestly, I don’t blame them, as they’re thinking about PROFIT!

So, if you wanna increase the ‘visitor value’…either:

1) increase your product’s price
2) rework your sales letter to convert more visitors into buyers
3) increase the amount you’ll pay to your affiliates

I can guarantee you, that if you know your ‘visitor value’ for your product, and you do one of the three things above to increase that figure, then you’ll snag more affiliates and JV partners to promote
your stuff.

But, even if visitor value is high…you still will have people that won’t budge at your offer. These guys are all a part of the ‘inner circle’ of GURUS…and sad enough, these guys won’t work with you unless you’re part of their circle of influence.

Well, like I said…there is ONE thing that you have to talk when it comes to getting someone in that ‘inner circle’ to budge at your offer. It’s worked for me, and should work for you.

You have to talk MONEY. Point blank. Ways I’ve gotten the attention of big name gurus was to basically talk money with them, by saying how beneficial I could be to their affiliate program, and how I want to know more information about it.

What guru isn’t going to help out someone who wants to make them more money?
They’re money hungry…so instead of talking favors, talk DOLLARS AND CENTS, by offering them to bring them more money. Seriously…

I’ve gotten JVs with people simply by telling them how big my list was, and that I wanted to pitch their stuff to them. That got their attention quite faster than a kid running after the ice cream truck

But like I said, even if you get their attention that way, you’re still going to have to talk money to them when it comes to getting them to promote YOUR product. That’s why it’s best to know the visitor value so that they can see whether or not the opportunity is good for them.

They’re going to look at THEIR list, and how big it is. They know how many people click through to their affiliate link when they shoot off an email. Their multiplying their list size by their CTR (’click through’ ratio) to see how many people would potentially visit their link. And then, they’re multiplying that times your visitor value.

In the end, they’ll come to a conclusion as to how much they could possibly make from promoting your product.

If they don’t like this figure, they’re not going to get back to you. If the figure looks nice for them, they’ll ask for their affiliate link.

Now, just because you might have them as a promoter for your product, that’s not the end of the story, my friend.

Now, you gotta them to actually follow through and PROMOTE. They might be busy, or get caught up in some other business venture. Hey, it happens…even to the best of us. Look at how most newbies jump from promoting product to product all the time. Don’t think some of your affiliates and JV partners won’t do the same.

You gotta get them to be eager and READY to promote your product at will. That's what holding affiliate/JV contests are for.

Give them something they can fight extra cash, solo mailings to your lists of leads and new customers...etc. Keep them updated on who's in the lead, and so forth...and watch the lemmings (I mean, affiliates) promote like crazy...

I hope this helps out a lot of people, and definitely throw me some feedback, OK?
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    Knew that, but still very good infomation.
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    Eh, I posted it mainly for the noobs on here. But glad you like it, Dave. I always get noobs from my list asking me about getting I posted this article. Hopefully now the WF can get some good use out of it.
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    Good information. Most of it is common sense. Business people didn't get to where they are by doing a bunch of people a bunch of different favors. They made business decisions based on the inherent value of the venture.

    Definately helps put some things in perspective. Anyone looking to JV for the first time definately needs to read this before they start contacting their possible prospects for JV partners.

    Keep up the great posts!
    Wanna Be the Best? Learn from the Best!

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    Great information - came just at the right time for me too

    I had never thought of calculating the value per customer referred, that is really good.

    Thanks for the article.
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