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Ok, so I'm working as a personal assistant to a hairdressing salon that is opening a new location soon and seeking to open more locations as well. I will be doing online advertising, as well as using seo techniques etc to increase searchability of their site and increase traffic.

So here is where I am so far, I'm going to be creating accounts on online hairdressing forums, health and beauty forums (where I will be contributing, not just spamming btw), I am going to be posting reviews of the salon anywhere I can, as well as issuing press releases, perhaps starting a blog to increase linkage. At least one review will be posted weekly to multiple online sources and new content is being added to the website, including video clips and gallery pics, and I am editing the content so that it looks more professional and reads better. As for online advertising, I know that there are free online classifieds to advertise on as well, but I know there have to be many more ways to go about this. I'm also going through search engine directories to see which search engines we are not listed on and creating accounts with these search engines, we are already well listed on the major ones but doesn't hurt to be listed in more places I'm guessing.

Can anyone suggest any further methods I can use to increase online presence and increase traffic? Any ideas for online advertising? And I would greatly appreciate any resources you could recommend. Thanking all of you in advance x
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    Also go and find blogs. Post there.

    Do some offline marketing as well.

    Not sure what though for your niche!
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    I'd like to suggest that you look into geo-targeting functionality offered by some PPC advertising programs such as Google AdWords.

    With AgWords' geo-targeting, you can select any combination of locations to target with your campaign, including countries, territories, regions, cities and custom areas. For example, if you want to reach English-speaking users in select locations, you could target specific regions within the United States and a few large English-speaking cities in Europe. Or, if you run a restaurant in New York, you can target your ads to the New York area.

    With AdWords interactive map targeting tool, there are several ways to specify your location targeting:
    • Search or browse for countries, territories, regions, and cities.
    • Select a preset bundle of locations.
    • Choose a point on the map and specify a radius around it where your ads will appear.
    • Target a custom shape on the map.
    • Exclude areas within your selected locations.
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