What to build (WWYD)?

by vossg
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I'm looking for some insight/recommendations on what would be the "best" project to take on to with a emphasis on decent monetization ($500/month) within 18 months.

1. I'm a senior programmer with above average knowledge of SEO.
2. I have a decent pool of off shore developers if I needed more help.
3. My knowledge of cloud based platforms like Azure is above average.
4. Could have a content budget of up to $1000/month to see how things went.

Not looking to get rich, but I have time and enjoy developing.

A few years back as a test I was able to rank 5 plumbing (picked something random) sites on the first page on Google (took about 6 months).

Anyways kind of random I know, but not sure where the money is now.
thanks for any feedback.
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