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I'm about to start setting up a blog and was wondering if you guys could help me out, I was going to set wordpress up on my own server to give me more freedom but was wondering if you guys could advice me on vital things that a blog should contain, e.g.

1) Links to my twitter account
2) Various different categories
3) A remember able domain name to re-direct from
4) Oodles of could blog posts
5) The ability to get RSS feeds.

I manly wanted to know If you could recommend any blog must haves or point me in the direction of some good articles and information on what a great blog should contain.

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    My friend Matt has some free videos at The Wordpress Classroom

    Take a look at those and you will get some ideas of how to get it all setup with the correct plugins etc.

    Oh - and add an opt in box to your list, I'd say thats pretty essential so that you can start to grow your list!

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    There is a fantastic resource called Blog Success, I think they will setup a professional Wordpress blog for you for free.Go to their site for more info,
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    First of all: quickly delete the affil link from your signature before they ban you (read the Rules!)

    1. In a blog you make links exactly as in any HTML page: using the <a> anchor tag
    (for the sidebar use a text widget and put your link code there)

    2. What about the categories? - Create as many as you need
    (don't overdue it: use categories and tags in a smart combination)

    3. Why to redirect? If you have a good domain name... install WP there. Why to over-complicate?

    4. ?

    5. WP has the built-in feature to create RSS feeds for all your posts out of the box. No need to do anything.

    It would be beneficial to install WP on your domain/host and play around with all the buttons, options in its admin panel. After that you would be able to ask real questions.

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    Marcus, hi,

    Here's an online tutorial that takes you from installing WordPress, configuring it, selecting and installing plugins, themes and widgets, and goes all the way through to writing, publishing and promoting your first article:

    Online WordPress Tutorial | WordPress Blogging For Newbies


    WealthyDragon - Earning My Living Online
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