How to market a book?

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Hi guys. I need help marketing a book. Any suggestions? thanks
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    Advertise it in front of the people who might want to buy it.
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    Define who is your target market and where are they? Amazon, Facebook, forums? Go where they are as Mike just said.

    Here's a good article to read:

    In all honesty, this is something that should be done before writing the book. Building up a following in advance is your best bet.

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    "They Ask You Answer" by Marcus Sheridan
    "Hacking Marketing" by Scott Brinker
    "Digital Sense" by Travis Wright and Chris Snook
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    Hi Marie,

    You really have to identify who your target market is and then device a game plan accordingly. What kind of book are you writing?

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    Hi! Create a captivating cover for the book and write a really good synopsis at the back. Make sure that it's intriguing enough that readers will want to know what's in it. Have it read by friends who are bookworms and have them advertise it by word of mouth. You can also try having them write reviews on it and then writing it on your website or Facebook page.
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    You can use online market, social media site specially Facebook for you book marketing. Besides your reference book to other site also.
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    3 Major avenues:

    1. Build your own brand through content (written, video, social, etc...) which pulls traffic back to you AND has the advantage of warming your traffic which will improve your conversion

    Here's a video on how you can brand yourself TODAY given the mass audience on social platforms, video, etc... "How To Brand Yourself and Your Business Like DJ Khalid, Logan Paul, Gary V or Grant Cardone..."

    2. Affiliates - pursue partners that have authority and market reach to introduce your book or ebook to their warm exchange for a percentage of each sale. You can do that via Amazon or other platforms such as Clickbank, Ejunkie, JVZoo, etc...

    3. Paid traffic - here the trick is to master targeting and your ads as well as the lead capture and conversion process so you can see a positive ROI on your paid advertising
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    How to market a book....hmmmm

    Sick idea...Check it!!

    Ask people: if you write a review on the book, I'll give you a discount (10-15%off)

    Then turn around and post those reviews on your social media platforms.

    You can do video reviews or print. Either way, I think it's a great idea to sale your book while building some social credibility.
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    What Niche is the book in?
    Inbound marketing helps a lot since the traffic thereof is niche related and laser targeted
    if your book is about recipes, for example you may join food forums, facebook groups and google plus groups and on those forums tell them why they will need your book, the health benefits of your recipes ... stuff like that
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    how to seo of sip dialer? somebody tell me
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