Best ways to recruit affiliates for my Clickbank health and fitness product

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Hey Warriors,

I have been super busy creating a new Clickbank product in the health and fitness niche.

I am now looking to recruit Clickbank affiliates for it.

What's the best way of doing so in your opinion?

I know I can throw and advert up on Clickbank to showcase the product in their marketplace, I will do this but ideally at this stage I am looking for free ways to attract affiliates.

Looking forward to hearing thoughts and ideas and I am sure that this thread will help others in this position too?


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    It starts with legwork - go out and find your early partners by:

    1. Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Insta and YouTube) to find authority content producers in your niche market, study their business/approach, contact them saying something nice (be authentic here) about their business and offering them a review copy of your product...once you have them as a reviewer, you can get testimonials and then move to making them a "first-mover" partner affiliate offer which they will very likely take. Done correctly, you should be able to convert 3-4 out of 10 into reviewers and 2-3 into being partners

    2. Find your competition on Amazon and Clickbank - take their Clickbank or Amazon product name and search google which will bring up affiliates promoting your competition -- follow the same approach as above, contacting them and noting they have been open to promoting products in your market and you would like to send them a review copy - then contact them about promotion

    This will get you rolling...having 5-10 solid partners with decent market authority can make a HUGE difference in your sales, exposure and begin to attract other partners your way....
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    Find blogs that cover the health condition your product addresses and reach out to them via email. Use the Hunter plugin to find out their personal emails, not the default info@ email.

    When reaching out to the bloggers, you want to check the size of audience they have. You can use various tools to estimate a blog's traffic. Also, check their social media following (and engagement too).

    For high traffic blogs, you will really need to have a quality product for them to accept to promote it. So, be ready to give some free copy reviews to the bloggers. You may also want to cut special deals with specific bloggers than you would offer to the general Clickbank affiliates
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    Here are some tips from a previous post on Warrior Forum that i made about finding new affiliates:
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    post on related, blogs, forums, affiliate communities and social media
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    Head over to the Kindle marketplace and look for an ebook titled "Warm Email Marketing" by Ed Gandia.

    The book is aimed at freelancers, but the principles should work at least as well for recruiting affiliates.
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