Advice Needed on How to Sell a Traffic Membership

by troy23
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I have a traffic membership site set up with 33 traffic packages covering just about every form of traffic there is. I was planning to set it up as a $1 trial for 7 days and then a monthly $17.

The way it works is...

I was going to give away 200 free videos (8 traffic packages) on a $1 trial and then after the 7 days are up I was going to unlock one new traffic package a month for 12 months. So a $17 a month membership. Unsure if I am giving away too much here for free.

I am also thinking to just charge a one off $17 with access to all videos and not have a membership. So for a $1 trial they would get the 200 videos for free for 7 days and then if they don't cancel it would be a one off $17 with access to all other traffic packages. So no monthly membership here.

Appreciate any advice on the way to go with this.
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