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I need to know. How do you handle price of offer vs funnel.

I just got whitelisted for the best clickbank product in a particular niche. By best I mean it's proven to sale the best, and it's actually the highest quality product in the niche.

I could tell you the niche, it doesn't matter since they aren't accepting in new affiliates. The owner only wants 10 affiliates.

It starts with a $1 3 day trial and charges $37 a monthly subscription after that.

In it a person has access to videos that will take them months to implement. I'll get $120+ for each customer on average. They don't know that obviously. To them they see $1 3 day free trial and $37 monthly subscription and they don't know how long it will take them to train their dog.

Do you need any more details? Let me know.

what's the best sales funnel to convert this offer profitably? do I need to spend 30 days on this offer? How would you structure the funnel exactly?

What I'm looking for are complete answers that say specifically I would do this funnel like x.

For instance. The shortest part of the funnel I'm using for this offer works like so.

Traffic -> free content fix + lead magnet - Lead lands on a bridge page which allows them to click to the offer & they get put into a three day auto-responder sequence.

Maybe my auto responder sequence needs to be 30 days.

How may emails do you send over what period of time to cover more expensive offers. Is there even a person who can answer this on the warrior forum?
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    What you're asking is this: If you had a box full of fish, half a lemon and a small piece of gold, how quickly can you get 75 elephants?

    You're giving us a few elements that are only partial information and asking how we would do something that you don't even really explain.

    Sit down and rewrite your thread so it's more precise and then maybe somebody can help you.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    If I were you...I would create a freebie that is related to the offer (maybe you can create a report that actually shows people how to do what the affiliate product does (if the affiliate product allows people to the same task better, quicker, etc...) You would then put the link to the affiliate product in your free report (suggesting that it will help your customer succeed fast or better)

    #1 - You should buy (or get free review access) and use the product yourself. This will be the bases of your whole campaign.

    #2 - You should document how the product is helping you and use this information in your follow up emails.

    #3 - If the product actually works then you should have no problem showing how you use it and how it it is helping you.

    #4 - You will not need to ask how many follow up emails you need to create or how long your funnel should be, because if you are documenting your progress, then this will take care of itself.
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    ok cool, so I understand.

    I have a 3 day autoresponder already set up that's getting great traffic, and what I should do is simply create & pace more, emails do split tests and track progress and keep going until I start seeing the points for the sales.
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