How to Find and Post Banners that Increase Conversions and CTR?

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Hello Everyone
For me CTR (Click-through rate) is the default performance metric. And it's not hard to understand why.
AFTER a short time, CTR tells me how well people respond to my ads. The higher the click through rate, the better the ads. Right?
Let me say that i really love banner advertising, and what i am trying to discuss here is :
What are the best banner designs that work
What are the best banners advertising networks
and What are the best sections of a Website Or Blog To post a Banners in order to Standout and receive more clicks.
Thank you in advance.
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    #1 - The Best Banners are text ad banners - Simply put your text on a banner (plain color) with a call to action. Also...add a border around your banner (red) so that it stands out more.

    #2 - I don't buy banner ads...I use banner exchanges.

    #3 - The best place to put your banner is, of course, above the fold. It you can get you banner at the top of the page or within some content...that would work best.
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    For me CTR (Click-through rate) is the default performance metric.
    For me it's ROI.

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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      For me it's ROI.

      Yep, it won't mean a hill of beans if you have a thousand people clicking on your banners and making only pennies with low Conversions.

      I think in email marketing I do concentrate on CTR of my offers in emails. But when you come down to it it's Conversions and the bottom line ( ROI of Rev. minus Exp.)

      Elvis has left the building

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    You might want to visit these two sections of the Warrior Forum:

    Conversion Rate Optimization


    Ad Networks (includes display advertising)


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Thank you Steve
    The Ad Networks section is great

    and for the CTR , I was i was meaning for the banner ad it self and its position on the Website.
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  • I like banners on the top and side of the webpage. You can drag banners there, adsense ads, affiliate offers, etc. You do your marketing right and build a large audience.... placement of your banner ads will be a 4th thought to you due to the amount of money that you will be making with your site - assuming your content is good.
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    Thanks Randall
    I Think That those are the best positions
    I was told also that 728X90 and 336X250 formats are good too
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    Putting it all together! Breaking it down to the individual traffic source we are using. If its banner advertising we need to create a banner for our demographics and catch that emotion to drive the click. I guess very rarely do I create a system or funnel and have it work like gangbusters out of the gate. Sometimes it takes a lot of optimizing to like you said get those good numbers ctr with good traffic.

    One way to find good spots for advertising is using the google keyword tool and google search. Go or those high numbers and visit each site and scroll to the button and see if you see advertising or partner with us something like that.
    Discover How To Create Your Own Online Business In 2018!
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    yes I Thought So , the Banner design needs to be done according the the audience
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    I dont think anyone will be able to help you since your question
    is very broad, what works for one, may not work for another....

    test, test, test
    and keep testing until you are able to weed out banners
    that do not produce ROI, and keep the ones that do.

    When you have enough to know which banner is converting
    ROI best, then create similar banners, and keep testing....

    sites can die really fast as most do not test anything...
    most setup sites that they think others will like, and that
    is far as most are willing to do. One word, or even color
    can make the difference of getting ROI, or nothing at all....
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    i can't really help you with this question, but i know there are some tools that could help you optimizing banners a,d landing pages, you can afford one of those ones, i recently try to work with one spytool, for a cpa campaign that i just recently set out, and i saw it can provide help you optimizing your banners, you can check their services, ADMobiSpy, and they do offer a trial period currently so could be interesting for you!
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