How to please customers while still gain sales?

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While I have more and more potential customers through SEO, PPC, Ads, social media and other channel,*how to raise conversion rate is the biggest bomb in my mind. From all my limited experience, live chat*is a great tool to support my business, please customers with much lower cost.*
We all know that nobody likes to wait for long queues, it will make customers lose patience and sometimes they just give up conversation even my website. But when I apply live chat on my website, customers don't need to spend time waiting for mail reply or getting a call on hold. And now live chat also provides API to connect FB and other social media, it does save me a lot time when I can receive messages in live chat and reply these messages.
And yes this is business, I want not only to please the customers but also I want to gain revenues. Live chat helps me have increase in sales, and I can tell from the monthly sales which match the report in live chat conversation. And on the other hand, the package fee for Nemo chat is a little expensive to me, so I had a hard time with low cash flow on my end. But from a long-term perspective, my agent and I can talk to more customers every day, deal with more support case, so I think it will benefit eventually.

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