How to move from Fiverr to my own business?

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Hi warriors,

I have a gig on fiverr which has done very well in such a short space of time.
I make Custom animated snapcaht & instagram stories for people & businesses.

In 4 weeks i have already became a level one seller, which is fairly decent.

But Fiverr is terrible, they take a cut out of your money which isnt exactly great in the first place.
You then have to wait 2 weeks for your money to process which is insane. If you putting in the hard work your money should be to hand right away.

Anyways i can scale my business away from Fiverr..? any tips
website, social media to market it or facebook page with Ads

Thanks !
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    I make Custom animated snapcaht & instagram stories for people & businesses
    Build a website and share in on IG and SC.

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    Building an email list to where you provide your leads with a free animated story would be a good idea for this.

    And you could also come up with a pricing structure to where your services are bundled. This would allow you to make more money from your efforts instead of competing for scraps on Fiverr.

    For example, you can have a silver, gold and platinum bundle that you sell. Each one would be more expensive as you move up each level.

    Then once that's created - you market your services to people who would be interested.

    I would recommend running ads on Facebook/Instagram to a targeted audience.

    Send the traffic to a landing page offering your free animated story and follow-up with your leads and pitch your other services.
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      Such a great idea, Thank you so much for the advice.

      Really helps me scale my business ideas
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    You can do the same thing that you are doing, only from
    your own web site (as Brent suggested).

    Keep your customers email addresses (if possible) and let them know
    that you that you are in business. You may want to even keep your
    Fivver gig for a while until you build up a stable base of clients.
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    Then once that's created - you market your services to people who would be interested.
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    Take your earnings, drop Fiverr, and find a niche that's looking for a solution for something. Then find the solution, pitch it to the recipients in the niche, then get sales. Then scale with paid advertising - facebook ads included if possible.

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      Great idea. Thats exactly what im going to do, thank you
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    Very simple idea but it works...

    Create a capture page to collect emails.
    Go to your facebook friends list and search for today or tomorrow birthdays if you have a lot of friends you will find a lot of birthdays every day.

    Create a sample of your service for your friends, personalize each one for every friend, and share it on his or her wall as birthday gift, and send him a link for his gift, then ask him if he liked the present then he can download it by subscribe to your list.
    This way you will promote your service and your template will be shown on his wall and his friends will share it.

    It worked for me before, everyone like to see someone else give him or her attention on their birthdays.

    If you had good positive reviews on Fiverr, take a screenshots of them and post it as testimonials on your sales page or capture page

    Take the idea and tweak it and make it work for you, try to think out of box
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  • I agree on building your own website and then driving traffic there. Also, since you are offering a service for social media, why not have your own official social media account to promote your services. Just by creating accounts across different social media sites will help you get new prospects.
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