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Friends, like many of us I am seeking more, much more, free and organic traffic. Does anyone have experience with 1) Google RLSA Re-marketing List for Search Ads (is this free or fee based)?, and 2) Posting content to the "Medium" blog-portal (is this a free or fee-based service)? Thank you for your feedback. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur
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    ) Posting content to the "Medium" blog-portal (is this a free or fee-based service)?
    So what is Medium? Medium is a place to read articles on the Internet. Medium is a blogging platform, like Wordpress or Blogger. Medium is the new project from the guys who brought you Twitter. Medium is chaotically, arrhythmically produced by a combination of top-notch editors, paid writers, PR flacks, startup bros, and hacks.
    Google RLSA Re-marketing List for Search Ads (is this free or fee based)?,
    This is part of Adwords which of course is a paid service.

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    Hi I,

    No experience in either but I have built a snazzy blog and neat life by using primarily free methods.

    Meaning, the methods cost zero money, but 1-2 years or more of your life, practicing and learning daily, to get that traffic you desire.

    So it is not really free, because you forego dropping money but will spend the next few years of your life learning, practicing, being a student, learning, tweaking, and eventually, seeing the fruits of your labor.

    Note; I have done scant posting on Medium. Do yourself a favor; buy a domain and hosting, and own your blog. Max branding and traffic and profit-earning potential when you own your online real estate, can customize it and create value through it.

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    Hi ,if you want free traffic you can use youtube, you need do interesting vidéos for have much people look, in each vidéo you can do an link of your blog( sorry for my english i am french).
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  • That is paid traffic,

    There are multiple ways for free traffic, Youtube, Social Media and Search engine.

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    Post on Facebook groups is a great way to go

    A lot of traffic in Facebook groups

    I did it and Got a lot of targeted leads from there!

    Hope this help
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    If you're looking to build free traffic, be CAREFUL

    pick your strategy carefully


    Many are one way streets - you post and you get a nice burst (or not) of free traffic

    Need more traffic, keep posting to the platforms

    Thankfully, there's a CASCADING system for traffic. Build that system

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    hello, here are few free traffic platforms -google+,Facebook pages ,Instagram ,YouTube,
    twitter .Just follow 1-2 traffic platforms with systematic strategy, you will get enough traffic if it will be implemented correctly.

    for more info go and watch some videos on traffic but before selecting any other option go through detail reviews
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    I have used Medium and the past and have had some good results.

    It's 100% free and your content can get ranked in google without much work (depending on your keywords)

    It also has a feature that allows you to interact (follow and be followed) with people in your niche.

    If you already have a blog or yutube can aslo use the platform to syndicate your content.
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    Youtube is a great option if you dont mind making videos. Some referral marketing within your own mailing list works great. Make sure you give them a good freebie for referring someone to you. Of course forum marketing is great - and also creating your own forum too. And commenting on high traffic blogs still work. I get lots of search engine clicks from some of Unbounce blog comments that i have made.
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    The first method Google retargeting ads are a paid advertising service...Adwords.

    This is not organic traffic.

    The second one you are asking about I am unclear about.

    Need to understand what you mean when you say medium and blog portal ect.
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