What are the top current money making trends?

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What are most people dong to make money?
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    Hi Phillip,

    Spending years of their life, studying, learning a skill through diligence practice, creating valued service and helpful content, building their friend network in a genuine way, and persisting through thick and thin.

    Yeah I know; same old advice on the forum. Good reason why. It works.

    The income streams - aka ways to make money online - are about as useful as boobs on a bull unless you follow the advice in the first paragraph.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by Phillip Jackson View Post

    What are most people dong to make money?
    They generally sell something.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      They generally sell something. Brent
      Or steal something. Sorry for the negativity but it's important to get the facts out.

      Thank you.

      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      They generally sell something.

      And I thought that I would be making money just hanging
      around a forum. Silly me.

      I suppose you could play the stock market. You can do
      that online too.

      Products or services. Sell one or the other.

      AHHHH! but how? There are no real "Trends", unless you
      are selling e-commerce goods.

      I guess the trend now might be to convince people that they
      can make as much money as they want without doing
      any work. Wait, I guess that tactic has been around
      for quite a while.

      Amazing - grabbing money from lazy people is still trending.
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    Ok Ill get the ball rolling..

    Amazon FBA
    Ebay dropshipping

    anyone else want to jump in? thanks
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    Driving paid traffic from Facebook to my sales funnel and building my email list is how I do it.
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      Hey Chris, any good courses on this you recommend? thanks in advance
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    For almost 17 years I've been monetizing fresh / targeted 3rd party email data, which is data that users have shown an interest in a specific niche and provided permission to receive messages from third parties. You get the opt-in record of all users and it's 100% can-spam compliant.

    I mainly get data that targets PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) niches/offers because there is no credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher compared to offers that require a sale to be made.

    I monetize the data using relevant PPL offers because they offer the path of least resistance to generating conversions / $$$ and converting the data to cash producing assets.

    Obviously, there is more to it, but that's the super short version. Done right it can be extremely profitable. Everyone that I know that is in the business and knows what they are doing, for the most part, does 6-7 figures. Which may sound like a huge range, but much comes down to one's ability to scale and effectively maintaining the infrastructure needed to scale.

    Anyway, it's not for everyone, but something to think about.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    There are two ways to always make money online. You can either be a freelancer and join the best freelancer sites that work for you or you simply create and start selling your own product.

    If you take the second option of selling your own products, the good thing is that you don't really need to have your own product. You can use a PLR product which simply means, selling someone else products with full rights
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    Find a problem people have, make or buy a solution. Then get traffic to that solution then sell it to them.
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    Originally Posted by Phillip Jackson View Post

    What are most people dong to make money?
    By "selling" a product or a service.

    The keyword here is SELLING.

    So, you have something to offer and someone needs to buy it.

    In that way, you make money from the profits of your sale.
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    Bitcoin Investment
    Internet Marketing
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    Amazon is still one of the greatest opportunities on earth

    The hype is over but the opportunity remains and there's no greater opportunity for side business than selling physical products online from your bedroom than through Amazon FBA.
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    Originally Posted by Phillip Jackson View Post

    What are most people doing to make money?
    Losing it.
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    Bitcoin??? maybe!!
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    Iam still seeing increases in people doing FB advertising. Does not seem to be slowing down
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    In my opinion and in nutshell, the basic concept of making money online is to start providing value to people. if you go after making money itself you will not make any money.
    If you know something or have any experience in something, go and provide people with information.
    The simple basic to make money is to solve some problem people have with something or formula you have.

    Do those easy steps [somethinng you know about] without doing those things [something they hate to do]
    For example :
    Learn how to lose 20 K without living in a gym.
    How to generate $100/day without spending on advertising.
    How to get your application approved without they call you.
    and etc.
    Give people value, gain their trust then recommend something you would happy to buy from you and it could be your product, your affiliate product, a link to a good content looked with CPA offer ..etc.

    When I started working online full-time, my first strategy is Yahoo answers, yeah...
    I was answering people question about anything I know about and because my experience in WordPress I was searching for any question about WordPress and help people to solve any issues they may face when I got traffic to my site which was in my signature in Yahoo answer account.
    My answers always got the best answer and this means a lot of traffic to my link which I can add some affiliate product I allready use or even direct them to my product
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    I publish e-books on Kindle, on a variety of topics.

    I've done well with rather boring reference books in the field of genealogy, but I have a cache of unique, publishable information there that most people would not have at their disposal.

    Lately I've been creating e-books from a public-domain source that anyone could use, but most people probably wouldn't want to put in the work. I thought about making my first WSO on how to do it, but haven't yet brought in enough money from it myself to justify it. (I would never feel comfortable offering a WSO until I had personally made significant income from the method in question.) Nevertheless, my income from such books has been growing month-to-month so I'm hopeful ...
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    Gambling on cryptos.
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