"Wanna play a little game newbies"

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If you dont know....thats a line from the movies series "SAW"

(Which despite its many critics...i thought they were decent movies)

The premise is a game of "life or death"

Where people who didnt appreciate the gift of life
(drug abusers, suicide attempts murderers)

are placed in "death traps"

And have to endure serious pain to get out alive

Anyone can get free..but not everyone does

Its humans "fight or flight" mechanism in action

So some people get free and some die because they dont want to endure the pain required

They dont want there lives badly enough

So What the point?...

business caries similar rules...

Far too many people put off taking action cause there scared of the "pain"

or they feel abit of "pain" and they pack it in

If your on the fence and aint prepared to go all out for it...

then just save yourself some time and pack it in cause it aint gonna work for you...

And nothing you read on this forum or the courses you buy will change that

Too many poeple now are reading these motivation pics and watch youtube success videos and get "caught in the hype"

But this isnt for everyone....if you worry about what people and dont wanna look bad...this aint for you

Thats just some from the heart honesty for some of you newcomers (and not so newcomers)

"Anybody can have a business...but having a business isnt for everyone"

So to the serious grafters...keep going
And to everyone else...do yourself a favour

Theres too many online casualties now its giving the industry a bad name

Es marshall
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