how to start off and what do i mean by that check below

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ok just to start off been messing around with internet marketing for years bought products and I have a monthly subscription with king human a great marketer. but here.s my problem you have e-commerce and email marketing SEO Clickbank Ebay create your own products etc right. it is so overly abundant its crazy. then you have the legal part of it that's rarely every mention step by step on what to do there. I know it works because people are making money with it I see that. I am trying to find out what is the core thing I should know so I can be the well-rounded person sort to speak here's an example. when you learn how numbers work 1 through 10 normally your next step is learning how to add and subtract than it's a formula set in place if you're taught to help you excel. but what it seems like what I am been doing from my standpoint just pick up a book on how to multiply but never learn how to count, to begin with, I hope no ones lost in my analogy. and trust me I watched youtube videos googled read articles you name it I'll grasp some stuff but I'll end up getting stuck on certain things as they get more complicated. I don't know if I should try and get a mentor or just keep spending money and wasting time I feel like a needle and haystack tying just make something as little as 20 or 50 dollars a day I hope someone who been where I am can give some type of advice thank you.
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    Why not research MMO methods first BEFORE even thinking of getting a mentor?

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      I looked this up is multimodel optimization the correct term
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    make money online I explained that in the post all done
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    I felt the exact same way when I was first getting started...

    There's a lot of misinformation out there and sadly, it's up to you to navigate your way through all of it.

    So, let me make it easier for you and give you a quick breakdown on the 3 fundamentals of what you need to start making money online:

    1.) Email marketing
    2.) Paid traffic
    3.) Affiliate offers

    When you have an email list, you're creating a valuable asset that will allow you to have a sense of financial security.

    If you actually spend time developing a relationship with your list then you shouldn't have a problem making sales because your leads TRUST you.

    That's important to understand.

    Then you have to learn how to get really good at driving traffic to your landing pages so that you can collect email addresses and grow your list.

    Facebook is a great traffic source that I would recommend for you to learn. And once you can get a steady lead flow with one traffic source - the sales should start coming in.

    Just make sure the affiliate offers that you promote are products that you actually believe in. As long as the products that you're pitching provide value to your audience, you're on the right path to success.

    Good luck!
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    Take a deep breath. You are all over the place. Then stop messing around. Then pick one product. Then pick one marketing method.

    Make sure you have following tools...Auto responder, lead capture / landing pages and your own domain and hosting...even your own blog.

    Lastly...Do IPA's (income producing activities like generating targeted traffic) to your landing pages.

    Spend 2 to 4 hours (and up to 8 full hours if you can) every day for the next 3 full months right up to a full year.

    Most people wont do that last step...IPA'S.

    Don't make that mistake.
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