Whats the Best Way To Sell Domain Names?

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As Above. I have a portfolio of premium domain names that I would like to sell. I've used Flippa in the past, with little success; the fees tend to prevent a respectable profit from the sale.

Also have listed on Afternic, Sedo; but likewise, the cost to promote the domains is expensive for relatively low engagement/traffic to the listings.

How do you sell?
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    What is the question?

    You either sell by using someone else's platform (and pay fees for that privilege) - or you sell through your own platform (site) and place your own ads.

    For example, you can place a paid ad on this forum for a small ad fee - but you can't list them in discussion sections hoping to avoid any costs.

    Make sense?
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    wish I could figure this out. I have some great names, but no one seems to bite. guess they aren't that great
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    Originally Posted by Unrivaled Review View Post

    How do you sell?

    There are many, many alternatives to selling a domain name. Of course, the better the domain (meaning that it is niche relevant, the niche is filled with ready buyers, and the domain name would be valuable and sought after by others), the easier it will be to sell and the higher the sale price will be.

    Whether your domains are premium or not - it's really not up to you to say - we all fall in love with our own domains and see our inventory of them through rose colored glasses.

    If you're having trouble getting interest in your domains, you might not really have the "premium" domains you believe you do. Only potential buyers will decide how good your names actually are.

    So, here is just one strategy you might try. For any particular domain, do some research to understand the best (most highly searched with commercial intent) 10 keywords or phrases that are used by folks searching in that niche. Then, for each SERP (results pages returned for a search), list the companies holding spots on the first two pages of the results. That will give you about 20 top companies in the niche.

    Contact each company owner, let him/her know that your domain name is available and ask if they have an interest in purchasing. Of course, if the domain has consistent traffic and (especially) if it has monthly income, it will be pretty obvious that the domain holds value for the existing business owner in that same niche. If the domain has no traffic or income, you can expect to receive less interest in it and a lower price for it. If no one responds positively, it will be at least some evidence that your domain does not hold the value that you assume.

    Is this strategy a good bit of work? Yes, definitely; but, if you can't spend money on marketing your domain, you'll have to spend time and effort yourself in that regard. Your work will be an indicator of two things: (1) how badly you want to sell the domain, and (2) how good of a job you have done in locating business owners that see value in your domain.

    The key to selling any domain is to get it in front of those that see or recognize value in owning the domain name to the point that they will exchange their cash for it. If you have true premium domains as you say, your efforts will be rewarded. If your domains are just "run of the mill", or if you are not willing to spend time marketing them, you would save yourself both time and money by just dropping them and moving on to other better uses of your time.

    The very best to you,


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      Thanks for this advise. I'm also trying to sell a few of my domains that I won't use anymore, some of them with content, some not. Do you happen to know if it's ok to list them in more than one site? I'm looking at Sedo and Afternic. I wnt to increase eye balls looking at the offer, but don't want to break the rules.
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    I have been buying and selling domains for the whole year and have done very well. I buy Geo and domains that help businesses. I market them by sending all the buyers I can find a simple email. If your domain is popular and there are plenty buyers it's not that difficult to get sales. I buy the domains at reg fee prices. I have about 80 domains up for auction and I have only sold 1 the entire year. My success rate is I sell about 4 out of every 10 that I buy, hence why I have over 80 domains at auction. It is a lot of work but well worth it once you get a system down. I am not a fan of auctions at all as I think if you want to go that route you need good brandable domains. Good luck in your domain selling.
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      Thanks for sharing of your experience, Scotty. Do you happen to know if it's ok to list your domain names for sale at several sites at once?
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    The best way IMHO is a combination of cold calling and one-time unsolicited emails. Be sure to include the fact that it's a one-time only message. Plenty of resources to find potential buyers. Of course, you need to be able to articulate why your domain with your particular extension is the best option.

    Understand that this is a method for GEO names or any particular name that includes 'restaurant', say, or 'degree', etc.

    As already mentioned, you can use the platforms and forums to sell all kinds of names. I'd also add that sending your list to domain name brokers can have positive results.
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      Thanks for sharing this. Can you please share more about how domain name brokers work? And how/where do you find a good one?
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    best way is to look for websites ranked 11-100 for a domain that you want to sell keywords

    and contact their owner offering your premium domain
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      If you go that route, contacting people by email, do you still use an escrow service? or how do you deal with the transaction details?
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    Originally Posted by Unrivaled Review View Post

    Whats the Best Way To Sell Domain Names?
    This question made me laugh as soon as i saw it. I would sell them the same way i'd sell anything else: Straight lead generation, email marketing, then a pitch to the selling of the domain name. But that's just me, i believe it would work. I'm a lazy dude. But there could be a better way.
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    SEDO, Flippa, Godaddy Auctions are great place to sell domain names. However you can also use forums to sell domains like digital point etc.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@ Bloggingpond.com

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    Use forums, Flippa. I'm using www.sedo.com and I have no problems with them.
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