Warrior... who wants a FREE HOODIE? #IAMAWARRIOR

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So I have a big big problem....

I have 1.3 million warriors and I just discovered a BOX full of Hoodies (Jumpers) from the Warrior Forum!!!!

Problem Number 1: The box doesn't have 1.3 million hoodies.
Problem Number 2: I need to give them away.

So I talked to the team and I decided to STEAL THEM ALL.... yeah. I now have the coolest hoodies ever .... and I decided to give 1 (ONE) away

So I told the team: I'm going to give one away... but then when I opened the box I realised that I had MORE than just one single hoodie.

So .... I'm giving one Warrior Hoodie away EACH WEEK...
(Yes... I will send it in the post at the end of October to each winner)

To win the hoodie (in your size)
You just need a to take a Selfie with a sign that says


And the one that gets more "Thank you" wins.

Post your photo Below this post

We will use THANK YOU AS up votes
The most unusual photos with you holding a sign with #IAMAWARRIOR wins

Unusual place?
the Beach?
you looking at the Warrior Forum in your Laptop?
in the pub?
In bed in pajamas?
In the shower????? ... mmm wait no. No in the shower

That's it.
Now in case you wonder... why should you take a photo just for 1 simple Hoodie?

Well my friends. These Hoodies come with all the Wisdom of Past Warriors... every time a Warrior dies... they leave a hoodie to a new Warrior... so this is a bit like King Arthur Sword.... not many have ever "seen it"

WARNING: there is 85% that I will be fired by stealing the Box of Hoodies , so let's the game begin.

Disclaimer #1. We may use your photo as part of our community and social media... so by posting your silly photo you are giving me green light to use it
Disclaimer #2. This is not the United Nations or Miss Universe... so don't expect a Fair Contest
If your photo is less funny than the next one... you may not win and that's cool anyway.
Disclaimer #3. I have the right to stop the contest....
Disclaimer #4. Posting many disclaimers is usually super lame
Disclaimer #5. No bad vibes. No dramas. No Divas. No Trolls.

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