Does this make your head hurt? Which one do YOU choose?

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My brain is fried at the moment, but I thought I'd give you guys a headache :-P

See image below.

Context - I sent out an e-mail, 100% straight value. No offer. Contained actionable information that will deliver results when implemented.

GOAL - Build trust with subs who are "on the fence" before presenting my $297 offer. In order to build trust, they MUST click on the link to WATCH A VIDEO where I give them a quick tutorial on how to take action on Friday. If they don't click on the link and watch the video, the e-mail is worth as much as yesterday's bowel movement.

I ran an A/B test on my subject lines and the e-mail platform I use will automatically pick the winner based on the initial results in the first 4 hours.

Now that we have the context and the goal, which e-mail would you guys pick if you had to MANUALLY pick a winner? Why?

Let's have a little fun...

Off to take an advil.
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      After 24 hours this will settle at around 25% open rate based on my experience.

      That said, assuming it was 30-40%, which do you choose?

      Side note, I'm very happy with the current open rates inasmuch as my niche is driven by now / hype / the moment. There's nothing hyped going on now, so, naturally open rates will be low.

      3-4 weeks from now, they'll skyrocket. My product is driven by "hype." So the instant a new hyped product release is announced, I'll be at 30-40% with the crappiest of subject lines.

      The goal of this e-mail is to increase sales when there is an announcement made "XYZ product is being launched on ABC date" by "pre-emptively" gaining trust (delivering the bacon)...

      Anyway, if this was 3 weeks from now and the open rate was 30-40%, which one are you picking?
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    I don't see any really significant statistical difference, so...

    Since you say the market is driven by hype, and I have to pick one, I'd go with 'grab the easy money'.

    Much hype-ier than 'I'll eat my hat'.
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    "Grab all this easy money" is what i have my money on. "Easy" is a powerful word. If i were a newbie, i'd definitely click this one. You eating your hat has no benefit to me (assuming i was a newbie) since i want to make easy money such as $10,000 within 30 days (which is what most newbies are looking for).
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      I AGREE! Normally I NEVER even bother split testing my subject lines cuz I'm so used to killing it with click bait titles and thumbnails on YT... But, I said "let me give it a go." First time I've ever A/B tested and I was soooo confused that the "corny" subject got the most opens... But also a lower click rate. But yea, judging by the numbers alone you're pretty spot on here. When the differences between open rates is that close and the click through rate is higher on the more "aggressive" subj line, I'd pick it all day.

      Especially since it would put them in a more hyped up emotional state. Money is also a powerful word, one of the 12 most hypnotic words in English language.... I almost went totally overboard.

      I guarantee you, you'll make easy money fast this Friday.

      By the way, my niche is sneakers... There are like virtually no "noobs." However, they are sneaker heads who are interested in reselling sneakers and this e-mail was info on a product that is NOT sneaker that the sneaker community crushed it on last year (the ones who were in the know).

      Side note - been a fan of your since I've joined here. #respect.
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