Affiliate marketing in a developing country: a gold mine or a NO-NO?

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Have you considered marketing as an affiliate in India?

On the one hand:
  • There seems to be relatively low competition in certain niches catering specifically to the Indian market
  • Relatively low cost per click advertising, based on Google Keyword Planner
  • A growing economy, bringing increased purchasing power and greater adoption of lifestyle trends that are prevalent in the U.S. and other western countries

On the flip side, there are some obvious challenges.

It appears that the e-commerce channel is still developing and there are fewer retailers with affiliate programs. The logistics network probably will limit delivery and therefore sales to certain areas. And I'm sure there are other inherent risks.

So, I was wondering...

Have you worked in a developing market? Or are you considering entering one? If yes, please share your experiences, thoughts and opinions.

All the best,
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    IMO one of the biggest challenges with marketing to people in India is finding offers and vendors which allow traffic from the country.
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      Ah right, I didn't realise vendors tended to restrict where their traffic comes from. Do you know why this is?

      Amazon Affiliates operate in India so that provides one option for physical goods, plus a few other large e-com sites. It sounds like fake products are an issue even on the big marketplaces so would have to choose sellers carefully.
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    A buddy of mine does well with CPA networks outside
    the USA. He said the cpc is a lot lower where he
    obtained a cpc as low as .04 - .06 per click.

    Some of the products he promotes are adult CPAs
    but he does well with other products like erectile
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    One of the problems is only 10% have any money
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      Yep, my biggest concern is the average wage. The typical sale might be so low that it'd require mega volumes to make a decent profit in $$s - Amazon currently offers Prime for $7-8 a year (499 rupees) as an example!
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      Originally Posted by Regional Warrior View Post

      One of the problems is only 10% have any money
      10% of Indonesia > than 100% of Australia mate
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    If you're trying to develop a global presence then being able to support multiple currencies and language is the first step in affiliate marketing. If you want to grow your business and compete at a high level then you have to understand the local regions.
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    The problem is exactly as Regional Warrior stated...they don't have the money to spend.

    I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offers for nearly 17 years and I would never do what you are proposing.

    It all comes down to what country and if they have the money to spend
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      Agreed. I think I will test it out at some point but not make it a priority right now. Research on average e-com basket sizes and market trends suggest people are starting to spend money but still nothing like the U.S. and more affluent markets.
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      In which country i have to spend money to get good sell, if i promote a pet care product?
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  • Profile picture of the author Jamel Hassell
    I don't think that the location is the issue.No matter where you market on the map there will always be a need for solutions. You have to identify the problems that exist with in that market so that you can put your finger on the pulse of your target audience and deliver value so that you can make sales.
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  • Why would you be interested in marketing only in India when there are is a huge buying market from the rest of the world? Aside from rare affiliate offers, India probably has only a few people who would be interested in purchasing online. If you want to target the Indian market, I think the best strategy here is to create your own product instead of promoting affiliate products.
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