Hosting, am I getting a good deal?

by Challe77 2 replies
I have Blackwire hosting as my hosting provider.

I pay 19.95 / monthly for:
40Gig storage
1.5 terrabyte monthly bandwith
10 domains + 30 scripts

Is this a good deal or are there better hosting providers out there,
I´ve had some problems with some of the scripts and they aren´t the fastest in solving problems so I thought I should check your opinions here.

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    When it comes to hosting, bandwidth and disk space mean very little.

    Depends more on the resources you are allowed to use and the server configuration, sql limits, support, etc.

    A good guage is to find out how many other domains are hosted on the same ip.

    Usually will be a hundred or so, but if it is in the range of several hundred, you are being ripped off.

    Basic Hostgator and others beat that hands down for about $10 per month.(600gig-6TB)

    Hope that helps!
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    It's not too bad compared to some I have seen.

    I still feel Hostgator offers some of the best options around but it all balances out in the end.

    Hostgator offers unlimited domains on your account for as little as $7.95 a month and the options scale from there. I have posted on Hostgator a few times in the past, not because I am an affiliate (which I am) but because I have a lot of servers with them for smaller clients and I also have 20+ dedicated servers from the same company they use for their datacenter so I know they are on a stable and sound network.

    Just my 2c...
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