What is your Internet Marketing Business?

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What is your Internet Marketing Business?
Service or Product?
How to get Customers to your web?
What is the traffic source of You?

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    Affiliate marketing is mine! I love this
    CB products
    Using Free and paid traffic to get customers to my web
    Facebook groups, forum, solo ads, bing ads
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    My main source of income right now is E-commerce!

    Went from 0 to 2k+ profit per day in a few months.
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    Thank you very much.
    Everyone can participate, too.

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    I don't have anything yet. But thinking to create a internet marketing business. As a new user I don't have better idea how to start. So, looking for the better idea.
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    I heavily promote PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers and use fresh / targeted 3rd party email data to promote them.

    The combination of the two is really more part of a data monetization system.

    With PPL offers, no credit card / purchase is required to complete an offer. So conversion rates are typically much higher compared to offers that require a purchase to be made.

    With 3rd party data, I'm getting email data of users that have shown an interest in a specific niche (PPL offer) and have provided permission to receive messages from third parties. I get the opt-in record of all users and it's 100% can-spam compliant.

    Basically, I monetize the data using PPL offers because they offer the path of least resistance to generating conversions ($$$) and converting the data into cash producing assets.

    I've been doing the above for nearly 17 years. However, there is a lot more involved and the above is it's shortest/simplest explanation.
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    Well, I offer writing/video-making services to clients. I started with Fiverr and some other platforms, but now I own a team and deal with clients privately.

    How did I get customers? I didn't do anything special. Just tried my best to offer quality. I have long term clients now, around 80. I can get more. I still get orders on Fiverr, but it is not easy to manage lots of orders. Therefore, I close orders once I know it's not possible for me to deliver on time (time is still the issue which I face sometimes).

    This is just one aspect.

    I'm more into 'Passive' income strategies. For example,

    1 - Creating short reports in super targeted niches and selling them for $4.99. All I have to do is to create 15-30 videos, and upload them on YouTube. Everything goes on autopilot. No need to create website.

    2 - I'm focusing on Pinterest too, these days, because of its viral effect. If you have copywriting skills, you can make your pins go viral rather comfortably. With just one viral pin, you can get thousands of targeted customers.

    3 - We are slowly moving towards offline business too, particularly in the banking sector. Though, it requires some strong connections, and we are trying our best. But, once we are in, I'm very much positive that it will be quite profitable. Besides, you can handle that sector online as well through webinars and courses.

    There are lots of ways to earn. In fact, I have a client who is a gamer and earning quite well through internet marketing. He is just 20, as far as I know. His strategy focuses around cheats and glitches in the game.

    I'm not into affiliate marketing. I'd some success, but it didn't exceed my expectations. For me, it's better to create a 5-10 page short report in a super targeted niche. Besides, there are lots of platforms that help you to sell short reports. You don't have to count on CB or anything like that.
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  • Profile picture of the author Brent Stangel
    What is your Internet Marketing Business?
    Service or Product?
    Both as an affiliate. I also have an ecom store.

    How to get Customers to your web?
    What is the traffic source of You?
    Mostly PPC with some display ads. I also get a lot of traffic from social media.

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    I used to have a linkbuilding bsite and business. Realised I liked the writing more than lead generation/SEO, so sold it and my business is now writing (although I do a bit of linkbuilding as well).
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    Currently promoting as an affiliate. I have a website used as a reference for people using the software I am currently promoting. Having this as a reference site with tutorials means I get ranked higher and get more signups. I am also running bing ads, google ads, Facebook ads, and solo ads as well as building a few more free traffic sources up as well.

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    Anyone would like to join This Thread
    Would Like to Explain About Your Internet Marketing Business?
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