Seasonal niches... weird behavior, is it normal?

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Hello, I have an affiliate website about a seasonal niche.
I earned good during the months of the season but now the niche is out of season.
The weird thing is that now I'm getting more clicks than before (and I'm always on first position) but of course the sells are 0.

My question is: Is it okay? Why I'm getting more clicks now that i'm out of season than before? And why people actually search and visit a websites about an out of season niche if they don't want to purchase the product? I'm talking about 40-60 clicks/day and 0 sells, I don't understand this.

To make it more clear: I'm not complaining about the 0 sells, I know the product is out of season. But why so many people actually bother about looking for out of season websites? And if they bother, why they don't make any purchase then? I don't understand
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    Can you give us an idea on the niche? It's really hard to answer without knowing this.
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    Maybe they are in search of discounts, sales.
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    It depends on what niche. Maybe you have the wrong idea of ‚Äč‚Äčseasonality. Perhaps you have high prices. Therefore also do not buy.
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    Take a look at where the clicks are coming from, and how they are getting to you.

    For example, summer items are seasonal in the US typically in June, July , August. But these are winter months in Australia. And vice versa.

    Another possibility is that people are doing informational searches, not buying searches.

    I know of one site that gets a lot of visitors looking for a definition of a term, and they have a page offering a definition of the term. My guess was that many of those visitors were kids writing reports for school.

    Third possibility, someone linked to you and they are passing you a lot of off-season traffic.
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    It's funny how people sometimes search for information in advance or after the season. So they get a general idea of the price changes etc. or whatever they are looking for.

    yeah, still you need to be more specific because the reason might be in the details.
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