Regarding future of affiliate marketing. Is bright or dark?

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I am a part time affiliate marketer. I am planning to do it full time. Is it a good idea considering the future of this industry???
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    There's never been more opportunity than there is right now.

    But unless you're earning close to what you make from your job, I wouldn't jump in with both feet just yet unless you're prepared to reduce your standard of living, for a substantial amount of time.
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  • I Hope affiliate marketing never fall down.
    All marketing needs advertisement or someone have to promote their product for more customers it never end.

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    If you take the time to build your brand and get people to trust you, they will buy from you now and forever. It's Trust what matters, and you'll always be able to sell products you own, or products you recommend...

    Just my 2cents


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    I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offers for nearly 17 years.

    I don't see it going anywhere. Businesses will always be interested in performance-based advertising, as long as it's legit.
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    The future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

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    Though I am new to affiliate marketing, I am seeing much competition.....
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    Yes good time
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    this space has no limit. the only limit is your ability to sale the products #affiliate marketing forever.
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