Looking for an affiliate network/script with special requirements to sell my product

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Hello all,

I've run into a problem I believe experienced folks here on Warrior Forum
would have a solution to.

You see, I'm trying to sell an info product online and am looking for an
affiliate network/script to sell it on.

However, the problem is that most affiliate networks either use the adaptive payments
model or require the vendor's paypal account to have mass payments enabled
in order to disburse instant commissions to affiliates.

But, as I'm from India, my paypal account neither has adaptive payments facility
nor mass payments enabled.

I was wondering if there's an affiliate network/script that can give instant commissions
without requiring the above two features.

I'm essentially looking for something that would split and give out affiliate commissions
BEFORE the money lands up in my paypal account.

I think the 7 dollar script did exactly this, but I guess that's not in vogue anymore.

Any suggestions you give will be greatly useful.
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    You can try bitify.com marketplace there are a lot of peoples selling scripts.
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      Thanks, do you recommend something specifically?

      I want a solution that's already proven to work rather than
      experimenting with different scripts now.
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        Doesn't anyone have a proper solution to this problem?
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      Will do.
      Thanks for your help.

      Hope Rohit has a solution to my problem.
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      I emailed Rohit but didn't get a response.

      Any other suggestions would be helpful.

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    I think Clickbank would be a good option for you. They have their own payment processor, a host of affiliates just waiting to promote an offer that converts. Best of luck to you. Also look up Mike Filsaime. He has an affiliate network as well. I think it's Pay.com

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      Clickbank refused my product for reasons only known to them.

      Any other suggestions?
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