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I'd really like to promote this product or Win Back Love on Craigslist in the dating category. I don't see any other ebooks in the dating section though and the T.O.S. makes me think it is not allowed. I see ads for this product in the Small Biz area but that doesn't seem nearly as targeted. Has anyone marketed a niche product in a niche area of Craigslist with any success and if so how?
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  • It's not allowed. You'll quickly get flagged and then IP banned, and then local mass IP monitored, depending on how your ISP works.

    I've found its better to use craigslist properly, and slowly. I've also done it blackhat style with all kinds of tricks and mass posters, and its really not worth the hassle.

    Besides, its not building a business, it's just making money. You can make money selling drugs and mowing lawns, you really want a sustainable business.

    What I do now, is I post once a day, a really sincere, well written posting that urges people interested to contact me, via phone or email, and I can go from there. If I think they are just interested in getting started, don't have a big budget, I refer them to the appropriate ebook, (as an affiliate if its not mine), I also offer coaching, and higher ticket items.

    I do this as an income supplement, and it varies a lot.

    I'm not telling you to give up, but there are less frustrating ways to get traffic, they just don't "seem" as easy.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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