How did the theinterviewwithgod Guy monetize his site?

by sparky
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hi Guys, I know there's a thread about the theinterviewwithgod site somewhere in the forum but the search facility can't seem to find it.

Can anyone point me to it, related threads or post some new feedback as I think it's going to be relevent to new people on this forum.


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    He sells all kinds of stuff related to the site: calendars, books, and so on.
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      with that kind of traffic, you can sell anything and find somebody to buy from you.. Anyway they start up from selling their phenomenal screensaver rite?
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        Yes, that's right, it starts with the screensaver and now there are many other related products.

        I heard him talk about this at a seminar.

        Since this was a while ago, he practically stumbled onto this kind of success, but then quickly figured out how to monetize it.

        The strategy went something like this:

        1) Offer a freebie with a high perceived value.
        2) Collect the emails, and on that page, make it easy for them to share = easy to go viral
        3) Survey your list to find out how they heard about you
        4) the easy to share part = have it set up ready for them to put in email addresses of others they think would like to receive the same thing
        5) Market to them ever after...

        That's my basic rundown..I'm sure someone else can explain in more detail Etc.

        He is a big proponent of providing an experience for people, and he does a great job of it.

        Anyway, my $.02

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