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Is there any valid reason to use W+ if I'm not going to use affiliates to sell my product?
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    Originally Posted by fernelis2009 View Post

    Is there any valid reason to use W+ if I'm not going to use affiliates to sell my product?
    If you are not interested in having affiliates promote your product, then are no substantial benefits that I can see to using WP, JVZoo, or any other affiliate network to list your products.

    It's not really even worth it for the marketplace exposure, because whenever somebody purchases one of your products through the marketplace, the affiliate network usually takes the commission anyhow.

    Although, I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to recruit affiliates to promote for you. It's one of the best ways to make more sales and build your buyers' list practically on autopilot (if you can get good affiliates that can make quite a few sales, that is).
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    You've identified the issue, I think: Paypal is a payment processor. W+ is an affiliate marketplace.

    Over the years I have tested whether a buy button hosted by this or that affiliate network matters. There was a time early on, and it was reinforced by fearful contemporaries who talked with me about the idea, that if that branded button wasn't there, customers would run away.

    Results have shown me it does not matter. I have used Paypal's buttons, W+'s buttons, JVZoo's buttons, and my own hosted and designed buttons. No difference. Buyers buy. If you are not interested in affiliates, then save the expense and giving them the cut of revenue.
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    If you are just selling a single product then you may be OK with just a PayPal Button. I have and do sell some stuff just using Paypal.

    However I usually create my own buttons so you can have a nice looking pay button and a decent call to action.

    However..You probably shouldn't just be selling single products. You should be using up-sells or additional offers and collecting emails (in an autoresponder) of your buyers.

    These are much easier if you use one of the affiliate platforms where creating sales funnels and adding sellers to your autoresponder can be easily automated.
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    No not at all. It might be a little more authority going through Warriorplus and also you have a paid product so it will get listed in their marketplace and you can choose to just let them promote your product for some more traffic.

    Split test and set up a couple of different pages going through warriorplus and another going straight through paypal! Run the traffic for a little while and keep an eye on and measure your results.
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