User Generated Content Site. How to reward participants?

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Hi guys,

I've finished the first version of tool that do social networks automation (follow, unfollows, publishes content on scheduled, etc), email marketing (collects email from landing pages, manage email sequences based on user actions, etc) and publishes content on own's website. The software works based on "Projects" and a project has a domain, multiple social networks, email providers, etc....

Anyhow, I want to test it and create lot's of content for one niche site managed by the software, but I would like to have people submitting content to it. I want to reward content authors in some way, besides the links they can leave in the submitted content. Their content will be syndicated in multiple social networks and by email (selected content only). Basically I take care of attracting readers to the content, while authors write content.

My question is, does using adsense to reward the authors still work? I know there were some articles site with revenue sharing models, I was thinking about this but giving 100% of views with author adsense code, if he/she prefer.

Any opinions? Would you create content and submit it to a niche site if you knew you can have links back to your own site and also your adsense code?

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      Free memberships of what? Of the software? I want to attract users to write content using the tool. There are two sides of the tool, one where the owner/admin configures social networks, landing pages, etc, and the other side where content is published. I want to reward those who write content to publish...
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    I would be interested in using such a tool. For me, if you can offer me any exposure for my business on social media or any other "reward" of such sort I would be happy. I like the idea of having some "free use" of the tool, but may be it is better to not have the tool itself for limited time, but for some Extension that would otherwise be paid on top?
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    Ok, so I think I need to try to explain myself better.

    I'm going to give you examples of the tool and how I want to test it....

    The software I talk about manages publications like the one I want to start with this domain:

    My software manages everything for that site (currently has no content), including content creation by multiple authors, distributing in Social Networks (now only Twitter and Facebook), manage email subscriptions, sending newsletters with new content, grow hack twitter accounts (want to have also for instagram and other).

    Basically, I want to have a publication about guitars with user generation content....
    See a draft that I wrote explaining the process and also showing the software working..... If you go to the page I will show next, you can subscribe and start receiving emails configured in an email sequence... that's the software working. Also, you'll see some dummy content that I created....

    the link is
    P.S. If you subscribe you'll get more about the plans...

    So, this is the aspect I was looking for answers, was this one... if people will get interested in writing for my publication on those conditions....?

    About the software that manages all that, is organized in projects, each project is a niche publication that automates almost everything. Content is then outsourced...
    The software is divided by modules, so some modules may be free to use with some limitations... then the price planning I'm thinking is offer a pay as you go model, like if you have 10 twitter accounts you pay an amount per each account, update, emails, etc, or just pay a fixed amount per module with different plans... with a free plan... Well, to be honest I still haven't though much about that, but may be something in these lines....Right now, I'm using the Software to create a case study using that domain... meanwhile I need to do some contracting job to pay someone to improve the user interface because it sucks...

    Anyway, I was trying to understand if the model I show in works to get people writing content for my niche publications....

    Thanks all
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    I think the challenge you face is the fact that there is really no incentive for someone to submit original well-written content in exchange for a mere link. If you've been in IM for any length of time you know that article sites are struggling these days because of all the spam, rehashed garbage, and stolen content their authors have been submitting. These sites offer a link back to the writer but most contributors have found that it's a poor use of their time compared to other ways to publicize their business and make money.

    How are you going to assure that the user generated content is "legal" (meaning not stolen)?

    Who is going to submit valuable content to a brand new site that gets no real traffic?

    If you pay cash you may get some takers, but most other incentives will be met with a cold or luke warm response. People might submit an article or two then they'll see that the effort is much greater than the return they're getting. IMO, that's part of the problem with most article sites.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    The biggest challenge indeed is to get initial traction... I know that without any traffic, people don't see any roi on their time... That's where I want to share their content through multiple social networks to start getting traction on the content...

    About stolen content, that should be manually reviewed (not perfect) and have proper mechanisms to shut down content that receives complaints.

    What you think about sites like steemit, where they reward content with crypto?
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    You can use and tweak content from Textbroker on the low end or sites like freelancer or upwork on the high. There are writers on hire who will tackle pretty much any subject.

    At the very least it would be a way to get you started. If you're looking for a way to compensate, say, then investing in freelance writers doesn't have to be a budget killer. I believe Textbroker has a rate as low as 1.3 cents per word. You may need to do some editing, but it may be at least a short-term solution to your question.
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    Ever heard of vanity presses?

    You can find people who're so excited about the subject or want to be known as having published something on that subject... I.e, people for whom having their name as author on a site that does not belong to them has great appeal.

    You're not looking for business people, freelancers, writers, you're looking for people whose vanity needs a hit, for very opinionated and/or angry people (who'd write just to set the record straight, according to them).

    Your goal is to convince them that, though the site doesn't have much traffic now, it will soon... Or to buy some traffic in the beginning and tell them you've got x visitors who'd see their content.
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    Basically, I want to have a publication about guitars with user generation content...
    I could produce guitar-related content all day, but you have nothing to entice me to do that for your site.

    Adsense revenue?
    I closed my AS account six or seven years ago because it pays pennies.

    Search engine results?
    For guitar content, you post on YT if you want search traffic.

    For me that says "bounce."

    But most of all, you have a two-page site with two videos and a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors.

    IMO you need to go back to the drawing board.

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      Thanks. I'm just exploring ideas. The website itself it not my final destination. I just want to use it for testing the software than runs it.

      That website is obvious not even started, thats why I was here asking for ideas how to have people writing for it...

      So Brent, what would entice you to write for a guitar niche site?
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      what about cpa or banners? or the to be able to put your autoresponder link their so they can submit there details??
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    Thanks all for your opinions. While discussing these with you, i think i got the idea....
    For Brant, crypto says "Bounce". I was checking again...

    They still in the rise for the last 6 months, despite that trend that is forming on the last month... let's see where it goes... anyhow, the idea is great for a publishing platform. Kind of reddit or medium but rewarding users with a crypto STEEM than worth around 1$ now...

    On the other side, of course the adsense type articles sites are declining for the past three months...


    Anyway, I think I got a lot of value from all your opinions.

    Thanks a lot guys
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    Why not make a trade with them and allow them to add the link to their website or landing page to the post while they write you good content in return? Cause that is what I would do for a site like that ofcourse with scrutiny
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      In fact, that is what I wrote from the beginning...I though I did wrote that, but I didn't... anyway, that was the plan from the beginning... they can have links to whatsoever.... of course the content is subject to approval

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