How much do you pay overseas freelancers for non skilled tasks??

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How much should I be paying overseas workers for tasks that require no skill (other than to basically surf the web) on a dollar per hour basis? I'm trying to figure out what's fair as you got big corporations hiring even skilled workers for very low wages. But then I guess some of these types of people might not have access to computers or the web. I'm wondering as I know the USD is suppose to go a lot further overseas?? But just how far???
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    You aren't going to find the cheapest workers in the US so why worry about USD?

    Not sure what answer you expect - the rate for workers will depend on where the workers live and the rates charged in that country.

    you got big corporations hiring even skilled workers for very low wages
    Where and how is that relevant to hiring freelancers for unskilled work?
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    Originally Posted by Nina Petrov View Post

    How much should I be paying overseas workers for tasks that require no skill (other than to basically surf the web) on a dollar per hour basis?
    What you think you should be paying them is meaningless. Ultimately you are going to pay want someone you want to work for you demands, or you're going to be doing that grunt work by yourself.

    Sounds like if you could, you pay someone $1 an hour or less. Bad karma. lol

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    Normally when someone is looking for the cheapest they end up getting what they pay for. You may think what your asking requires no skill but it likely does.

    I suggest you look at what people are charging for what exactly you want and look for value opposed to cheapest.
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    Pay 4 - 5 dollars. You can use Fiverr or Fourerr get awesome work done just be show to find quality workers.
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    I'd pay more but really not earning very much, so I just can't, at least not yet. that's my challenge.
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    It completely depends on the task you want them to do even if you are going to train or show them how to execute the task. Like my follow warriors rightfully said cheapest is not always the best if you want to get the job done.

    Hope that helps
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    Virtual assistants in the Philippines' salary ranges from $350-$1000/month depending on their skills of course. It's up to you on how generous you can be to your workers. You may want to look at our site if you're still looking for workers. There's over 250,000 resumes with a wide range of skills set to choose from.
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    You can get VA's for as little as $2 +/- per hour.
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  • You should pay based on what is a good wage for the task in the economy the worker is in. If you're looking for a long-term relationship, my recommendation would be for you to pay slightly more than the average.

    There is nothing wrong ethically with doing this. You're not undervaluing the worker. If anything, you're providing them with an opportunity beyond what they would normally have access to.

    Without knowing a task, preferred country and the volume of work, it's difficult to put an exact value on this. But there are many countries in the world where $5 USD an hour would be considered an excellent wage (in some countries, offering this may not even be the best idea, as it sets these workers above others in their community to the extent they can be victims of criminal activities).

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