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by amunt
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I've been using a very standard website for years to sell my courses and now I've decided to try a more sales like page. I'd appreciate feedback as this side of things is not my strong point.. The links to payment pages etc are not connected yet so hopefully this post won't be considered as spam.
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    Sorry, I'm not understanding what you are asking?
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    What exactly do you mean by a "standard website"? If it is not a sales page, how are you currently selling your courses?

    Content producer and writer for hire

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    After sale any products ... Ask him/her after 5 day delivery you are ask what is think about this product and what is feed back !!
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    Originally Posted by amunt View Post

    I've been using a very standard website for years to sell my courses and now I've decided to try a more sales like page. I'd appreciate feedback as this side of things is not my strong point..
    Well, if I had one bit of advice for you, it would be to upgrade that headline.

    Right now the header title on your site says "Beginner to Conversation" (seems to mirror the text from the link at the top of page?)

    You say that much of your traffic is coming from YouTube, so most people might know what you're offering; but I didn't come from YouTube, and that title left me confused as to exactly what you're going to do for me.

    It only confused me for a second, but it was enough to break my trance, and distract me from the reason why I came there in the first place.

    Your headline is probably the most important part of your copy. When I land on your page, you have about 2 seconds to convince me I'm in the right place.

    Ideally, your headline should either call out to me with a compelling offer; Or it should instantly let me know you have a solution for my problem; Or at the very least, it should incite curiosity about how you can enhance my life (somehow)

    Get it?

    Let me paint a scene for you...

    I'm an average Gringo, who's starting a new job in a few weeks. Now, this new company has a lot of Spanish speaking people working there. And I'd like to fit in. (or I'd at least like to know what they're saying behind my back, at the water cooler)

    Unfortunately, my Spanish doesn't go much further than "Taco's, Doritos, and Tequila." So I need to learn, in a hurry.

    After a quick search, I've decided to click on over to a couple websites (just to check em' out)

    The headline of one website says "Learn to speak Spanish" or "Quick and easy way to learn conversational Spanish in as little as 14 days" (or something along those lines)

    Then I click on yours, and it only says "Beginner to Conversation."

    Well, Amigo, guess which one I'm paying attention to? That's right, the other guy. Because that site clearly says it's going to give me what I'm looking for. (and yours doesn't do that)

    Comprender (understand?)

    Another scenario is the person who's just always wanted to learn Spanish. Different motivation, but similar outcome...

    "Learn to speak Spanish" instantly tells me I'm in the right place.

    "Beginner to Conversation" makes me think too much, trying to figure out exactly what you're offering, and it breaks my buying trance.

    If you can't put that compelling headline right in the header (because your theme only mirrors what the top of page link says) then right below the header (just before the beginning copy) put the big, bold headline.

    Or, change the link text to say "Learn to speak Spanish." It not only tells me what I get, but it might also help with SEO.

    Anyway, hope that gives you something to think about.

    All the best,

    Visit and unlock the powerful secrets of persuasive copywriting.

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    You can check out sites like clickfunnels, optimize press. I use optimize press and its very simple. Like you I have been using them for years.
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    I'm with SARubin on this one. You need a better headline.

    Even if you simply combined an obvious headline with what you have:

    "Learn to Speak Spanish - Beginner to Conversation in 14 Days"

    You tell people that if they want to speak conversational Spanish in a short time, they're in the right place.

    Beyond that, I think your product descriptions may be creating a disconnect. They read like a course catalog. You promise a simple method, but even your lowest level offer promises 30 video and audio lessons, along with homework (listening tasks) with no clue how long each lesson or task takes.

    Maybe that comes with the course samples, Even if it does, I would never know it unless I happened to click that menu option. You need to tell people to check out your sample to see how easy it is. Then you can start pointing out how much they get for so little money.

    I did click the course sample link, and I see you are still figuring this out.

    In your place, I would pull out one lesson that teaches something the reader can use immediately. Maybe ordering in a Mexican restaurant, or asking directions. Maybe how to watch Mexican soaps without the subtitles. Whatever. Then give them the complete lesson, along with any necessary context (last time, we learned...). Tease what is in future lessons.

    That's a few things to get you started, anyway.
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    Brilliant! I really appreciate the detailed constructive feedback. I totally get the points about the weak header and the product description, I'll get on it!
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    If you did include a link I guess it has been removed/blocked
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    I have put the changes in as advised yesterday. I think it's pretty good now, but customers are buying less than with old (dull) site, so maybe not.
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    You've started a new thread on the same topic so closing this one rather than duplicate answers.
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