Highest Converting Info Product Blog Niche With Easy To Rank Long Tail Keywords?

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First of all, thank you for your most valuable asset-attention, warrior.

As I don't want to go into analysis paralysis on Warrior forum (ctrl+click, click, click)...

... I've decided to create my own topic!

* My main reason for writing all of this is for a better understanding of the future process. *

Sorry in advance if the question was asked godzillion times before.

Let me introduce myself: I am your average Ivan willing and ready to work hard - to gain exceptional results.

Skilled in everything for a little, fluent in nothing particular.

Let's start: I'd like to create a blog (with gamification elements) that covers: self-help, psychology, mental health, awareness, concentration, god-love-us topics. Something like 2knowmyself, but modern. Sell info products like highexistence.com, but specific to mentioned topics. Write sick s#it like waitbutwhy.com, but in the mentioned niches.

Main traffic source: Google.

Target audience: lonely woman/humans with low self-esteem looking (and willing to pay) for answers.

Budget: I want to do everything myself, so ~$150 per month.

As far as I understand, with this Project I want to one-arrow-shot three rabbits:

1. Learn KWR through keyword planer;
2. Learn to ghostwrite/copy write posts, write high converting sales pages.
3. Learn to outreach to bloggers (link building), SEO.
4. Softcore programming (gamification, remember?).

These three animals (and a bird) serves one purpose: to genuinely help people out there -> increase my karma -> increase the thickness of my wallet.

Alright, so here is my plan so far:

Phase 1: Planning:
1. Find ~100 competitors (in English and Russian languages [remember, I'm Ivan]). Find their 5-10 top traffic pages through semrush/ahrefs. As most likely there will be duplicates between them, group and unite pages into future post ideas. Now I have a list of extensive content (2~5k per post) for a year of future posts.

2. KWR: Find those top pages top 1-2 highest LMS and 10-15 long tail keywords. Now I have a list of keywords for these future posts.

3. Create interlinking mindmap between posts. Now I have a clear picture of my website with the sum of potential LMS-I understand where my attention should go.

Phase 2: Establishing pillars.
1. Create a technical task for each post from 1-1. Add unique my own flavor and style. Also... Just combining several competition posts into the super post is good... But NOT exceptional.

Also, that's where gamification magic starts. I have no idea what I am talking about, but somehow I know this is going to work.

2. Create a technical task for a gamification system. Nothing too fancy-badge system, achievements, levels, RPG elements... But important, nonetheless. For example-higher level readers can enter private membership area, where geotagging games around the world are happening. Or something similar.

3. Implement boring technical stuff (registrar, hosting, WordPress).

4. Overall blog design. Base everything on human brain loopholes and biases-all in order to keep the attention. But don't waste too much time on this step.

Phase 3: Executing.
1. Start with writing the first 10 articles. 1 article per week is good enough.

Phase 4: Outreaching:
1. Outreach, outreach, outreach...
2. Build trust and authority.
3. Build reader email list.
4. Instagram marketing. (?? I don't even have account)

Phase 5: Continuous work:
1. Keep planing.
2. Keep executing.
3. Keep outreach.
4. Implement gamification system.
5. Have fun!

So that's the algorithm (+/-) in a nutshell.

And yes, I know.

Ideas are shit.

Execution is king.

Well... The next ~700 days will be lots of sleepless nights.

Btw, the idea of creating another [how-to-make-money] blog, where I share my journey seems very lucrative to me, too. Would you be willing to read my journey?


Thank you!

Would be great to hear if this is legit, keeping in mind the post title?

Bad and good advice appreciated! Most appreciated advice: long text from experienced, pragmatic executioners!

Meanwhile... I am doing the FreeCodeCamp front-end! Because there is something about the gamification!!!
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    This is my favorite part:

    I have no idea what I am talking about, but somehow I know this is going to work.
    the idea of creating another [how-to-make-money] blog, where I share my journey seems very lucrative to me, too.
    See the above-bolded text for the answer to this one.

    Would you be willing to read my journey?
    Not even on a slow day.

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