which progam is best oracle or java???

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now i choose to learn the best program anyone suggest me???
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  • I love Java programming. I have created few software using Java script, It is very easy to handle and lot of features.
    I Know only the basic of oracle,
    It is depends upon the needs people use Java or Oracle.
    If you developing a software I suggest to use Java programming It is like Ocean.

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    Personally I prefer Java programming cause is less complicated when learning the codes even for complete beginners
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    You mention Oracle and Java and I think of Java programs that are using an Oracle database using the JDBC. If you want to be a DBA, then jump into Oracle. If you want to be a programmer, then start learning Java.
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    It is better to go with learn Java or program in Java. Mainly because you are investing yourselves in Android which has some billion + users.
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    You've really come to the wrong place to ask...

    The vast majority of members here don't know the difference between Java and Javascript.

    Oracle doesn't really compete with either, and may be needed in conjunction with Java as a way to provide database creation/maintenance for a Java-based system (assuming you have chosen Oracle as the database engine for any system you are creating).

    Sid Hale
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    Both are important to learn because JAVA you can use it for front end develop and Oracle is a database you can use it for back end.. I suggest you to learn both
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