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Although I have been impressed by a lot of what the administrator of the WF has done in the time I have been here , this has to be the best lesson he ,maybe unintentionally , has taught me .

When I logged on a couple of days ago, I noticed a little link at the bottom of the page .

It simply said to please check a war room link when I had the time and thanked me in advance ,

The link didn't scream at me . It was just sitting their at the bottom of the page .

While I had got to the point of maybe pushing a little too hard , here is a link that was not screaming at me .

It said PLEASE and Thanks . Not something a lot of us are doing in our sales process or at least I wasn't .

I tried a little different tactic with my list this week.

I sent out some very low key emails with some good content and at the bottom of the page I put a link that ask them to please check my product out and ended with I appreciate the time you are taking to look at this , Thank you

Best week I have had in a while conversion wise .

I have never talked one on one to Allen says . I don't think he has ever even replied to one of my post .

He taught me a lesson in Im I will never forget .

Side note: Yes it worked . I now own something that will really help me on a WSO. I don't have a WSO but I guess I better get one started lol
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    excellent post and lesson here. I am going to give it a try. Thanks to both of you!

    Low key, off the cuff selling probably works better in this day of too much hype than many people think it does.

    I'm off to try a broadcast!
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    I am even working on a lower key type sales page . It's worth a test

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