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I am very new to this and I think I understand most of setting up a business except I am NOT at all clear on how to establish a list and generate traffic at the very beginning ...please advise
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    To answer to your question, first you need a good product or service. Something of value.

    Second, you need a lead capture page or a squeeze page and autoresponder.

    Finally, you need ways to generate traffic to your web site.

    You can use: Google PPC, acticle marketing, forums, videos, press releases, etc.

    I hope it help.

    Have a nice evening or day.


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      Your new, you want to build a list and dont know how to get lots of traffic?

      PERFECT! Use JV giveaways, and even a newbie can buid a huge list in a matter of days.

      I'd go into more detail normally, but I dont know how serious you are so just do a search for JV giveaways and start building your list

      PS: in order to have a list youll need to sign up on a autoresponder service such as
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        Yes I have an autoresponder service and I am very serious...I've heard of JV giveaways...been reading Integration Marketing and also looked at Traffic Fusion for future use....I will take all the advise I can get..thank you so much
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