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Hi guys, I hope I chose the correct forum ;-)

I'm looking for a Wordpress Plugin that helps me to:
  1. Create landingpages, preferably with the wordpress theme of my choice. These landingpages will include a signup link to an external service
  2. Let users sign up and enter their referral link to this external service. In return they get their own custom link to this landingpage which includes their reflink

This is the most important part for me right now. I would like to have some other features but this is most important (and very easy to achieve for anyone who can do just a bit of PHP... there must be a plugin available already!?)

bonus feature:

internal MLM function and user groups

User 1 signs up and gets a set of landingpages. Other users (of his team) can then sign up under him and use only these landing pages (and user 1 can accept or deny these users)

any recommendations are much appreciated :-)
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    This plugin does exactly what you want but there seem to be new owners.

    I liked the plugin and it integrated with OptimizePress but it was so buggy I couldn't trust it.

    Apparently, I still have an account as it let me log in and I can download the plugin and have a license key.

    There is a contact form on the home page so maybe they are working out the bugs. If you can get a stable version, it's an awesome set-up.

    I would shoot them an email.

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      Thanks Brent, I found this one before but like you mention, it's not available at the moment... do you have a multi license? maybe we arrange something? ;-)

      in general, is it possible to test the file you download without license key? So I could evaluate whether its worth to wait?

      unfortunately there's only a subscribe form, no contact email...

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    It's not a WP plugin, but has a script called MasterForm V4 that can be used to create self-replicating web pages. I've had the script since its release, and it has been very stable and secure. Support is excellent.
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    Three years ago I purchased the developer version of a WP plugin called "Team Site Traffic " from Team Site Traffic, It was developed my a MLM marketer and does exactly what you want and more. I have not use the plugin for past couple of years so I cant say if it is still maintained but I can contact their support and find out, I'd be willing to transfer the licence. Let me know if you are interested
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