Are you allowed to put your exact EZ articles in Wordpress?

by cloudchaser22 7 replies
I'm about to start wordpress and wanted to put my exact articles from Ezine and Isnare into wordpress for fast content. Then work my way around that afterwords. Is there a rule against this? Like Duplicate Content Law or something that I'm not aware of? Basically, ss this allowed and do any of you guys do it?

Thank you.
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    My understanding is yes, but I don't tend to do it. For fast content I don't see a problem with it but then you've got to think about what you want to rank. If someone clicks your article link and goes to your site and is looking at exactly the same article they just read - how long do you think they will stay on your site?

    Incidentally - I like your sig.

    I'm just a magpie in a world full of shiny things....

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    I do this all the time... 2-3 month after I put them on EZ article.. I just simple copy them and put them into my blog.. Mmm.. I get more traffic by doing this.. I don't know if there is any side effects.. But this method was recommended by J.Reese.
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    They are your articles. You can put them wherever you like.
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      That's right. The day EZA tells you that you can't put your articles elsewhere is the day they die...or at least get really sick.

      Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    addition to my post.. the reason Why I put a timeframe before posting into my blog is that I don't want google see my eza article as duplicate cause I need them to index it fast...
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  • Heya, I do this all the time and it works fine. The best things to do are to acknowledge and link to the duplicate source - it doesn't have to be in an obvious area, and to add some introductory text, maybe a few lines, before the article.

    So are you allowed? - yes, Ezine can't change this without major damage to themselelves!!!

    Is it Good SEO wise? If done correctly, it can be a phenomenal SEO tactic.
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