Wordpress and duplicate content

by Jeannie Crabtree 9 replies
I have started using wordpress and you can put the same posts under different

Can anyone tell me if those duplicte posts are going to be seen as duplicate content?
I would rather do this right the first time. (Well, I have a couple wordpress blogs now,
but you know what I mean).


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    Did you mean? The same article posted again and again in one wordpress blog under several categories?

    Its 100% duplicate..and will cause you some problem.. I might be wrong..
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    Google's aim is to get rid of the duplicate pages not including the original. So if the same content appears multiple times then you should still get one of them indexed and ranking just don't expect the others to.

    Don't overdo it though or it is asking for a G'Slap.
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  • Here we go again with the "duplicate content" debate...

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    thanks Tom, I see that it is worse than I thought. Wish I had been on my toes. I have a blog about products, and because it applies to more than one catagory, I put some of that in multiple catagories. Rats. I will search that further.

    I was on page 1 of my niche but am now on page 3 with the blog. Does the wordpress blogs do the same thing static sites do when new - come up to the top, and then drop back down to the inner pages? Or could the duplicate content problem cause Google to put me lower?

    Vince LOL...
    "Its 100% duplicate..and will cause you some problem.. I might be wrong"

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      In this particular case, yes, the same article on two different pages of the
      same site, whether it's Wordpress or your own site WILL be viewed by
      Google as duplicate content.

      It is the only TRUE case of duplicate content online.
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    So how are some of you getting around the duplicate content thing with wordpress? I see a page of instructions to take care of it, do most people here do this?
    How to Make a WordPress Blog Duplicate Content Safe

    I am technicallly challenged and only get it right half the time after a few tries. Between the frequent constant updates, and now this, I am a little disgruntled.

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