Does a secure download page really affect sales and piracy?

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I got advice earlier to use Amazon s3 Ithink it was called to deliver my product becauseit's free and right now myincome is zero I borrow money from my mom to keep my site going and aweber, but once I get some sales and can afford the 10-20 a month for something like e-junkie where my download links will be secure and people can't just share my thank you page (or can they still? I don't even know) but anyways...

Would having a super secure download link even really affect sales and reduce piracy? Because I mean my product will be in mp3 format, if someone was going to share my thank you page link with another person but I stop them because it's so secure, wouldn't they just use media fire or something and just share that link anyways? I mean, it's really not hard at all to share an mp3, they could use media fire, and share that link, they could use a flash drive or blank CD to share with someone they know in real life, they could put my stuff on torrent sites and share with the world, I mean, do I worry to much? Is it even a big deal to have your thank you page or download links all extra secure and stuff will that really make a difference in my sales and slow down piracy, or will it not really make any difference at all?

Whenever i figure out how to deliver my product with Amazon s3, should I be trying to set up an e-junkie account or something like as soon as I possibly can, or does it really not make a difference, and if people are going to share, they're just going to do it and a more secure download link isn't going to make any difference?

Anybody have any experience where you had super secure download links so people couldn't just share your thank you page, and had weak ones where people could easily share your thank you page, and did you notice a difference in sales? Is this something I should really worry and stress about or am I fine with Amazons S3, and also I looked a littleon Amazon s3 earlier, is itcomplicated to deliver products with it? What I saw seemed like you can just upload and store your files there, I have a SUPER awesome plugin for wordpress, I mean on Amazon S3 will it be like media fire where they give me a link and from that link people can download, or idk, how will this work with clickbank anyone know? I'm pretty close to getting my first product ready to submit for approval I just need to go over my sales page, add a few last touches, fix a few graphics, and the sales page is done, then I just need to make the thankyou page and figure out how to deliver the product and I'm really stressing about it because I don't know what the heck i'm doing and it's really making me procrastinate a lot. Once I get my first product approved, I swear it will be the best day of my life because once I know how to do it, I can do it again and again and again... The money can't hide from me forever.... Can it? I don't even know, but I will be so happy anyways just to be able to finally call myself a clickbank vendor, it will be the happiest day of my life.
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    its download not affect your piracy data and occurs no problems if you having more information visit this website
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      Nice article thanks, sounds like it's best if I get something like e-junkie as soon as I can.
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    Does a secure download page really affect sales and piracy?
    NO, actually it doesn't.
    Sales and piracy really depend on what your product is.
    Because even a free product can have no customers at all.
    Get it?

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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    You asked a lot of things in this post (and more in your earlier post). You are better off keeping posts to one question or it will drift off in all directions with all sorts of responses and you will have even more questions and confusion.

    To keep focus I'm talking about your main point. Download product security.

    In short DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT for now.

    Two things

    1. There no such thing as 100% secure digital product security. Make your links 1000% secure and someone will buy, download everything, upload to file sharing somewhere and share that link. There are even forums wholly dedicated to hacking, cracking and stealing and sharing WSOs.
    2. If you worry about this you will waste more time (lost sales) than you will ever lose by stolen products. Most people are honest and will buy your product even if links have been shared (at least the ones you want as customers).

    You've already as much as admitted you are procrastinating. Stop it. Keep it simple. If you don't get a product to market you will sell nothing. Every day you worry about this stuff you are wasting time.

    Get on and do the minimum needed to get that first product out there. You can (and will) always improve later.

    This kind stuff holds back huge numbers of people on this forum . Don't be one of them. Just get on and do it.

    The money can't hide from me forever.... Can it?
    If you're waiting for perfection before putting your first product out then the answer is a big fat YES. 'Cause you'll end up working on it for ever!
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      Awesome thankyou! I was thinking the same thing in my head that if someone wanted to share the link to my download page but the download link was so secure whoever they shared it with couldn't download it, I mean, they could think of a million other ways to share my product anyways or put it on a torrent site that's why I was wondering if it actually really mattered, like if going through all the extra effort to make everything extra secure would really make a difference, I didn't see how it would really because I mean, it's not hard to share mp3's it's actually insanely simple lol. Yes, procrastination is the Devil, and worrying about this stuff wears me out just as if I worked all day, thanks for your reply.
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    Your brain is on overload right now. Just go and sell the product and find a security solution (like DLGuard) that will weed out 97% of the "download page thieves". Just sell and be happy in life. I can tell that this is driving you nuts and has put your operation on pause a bit.
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      Awesome thank you, and yes it put me on pause for a bit and drains me and gives me anxiety, and stresses me out.
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        Originally Posted by Clickbank Lover View Post

        Awesome thank you, and yes it put me on pause for a bit and drains me and gives me anxiety, and stresses me out.
        In the beginning you will. Those who want to steal will steal. I've had thousands of illegal downloads of my products - lost count of how much I lost in income.

        In the beginning it gets to you. But it happens and is not worth stressing over. You just have to stay focused and move forward.
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          Thanks man, yea info products are just so easy to share I don't think anything will stop it, people that want to steal will wait for away to steal it before buying and people who want to buy will buy even if they have an easy way to steal it, that's the way I see it but I read somestuff that made me think like, dang, I could be leaving a lot of money on the table with that mindset, but yea, I'm glad you guys think the same it makes me feel a lot better.
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    I could be leaving a lot of money on the table with that mindset,
    You would need to actually sell something before you could "leave money on the table."

    If that ever actually happens and you have a problem with a lot of theft then you can worry about securing your downloads.

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    Worry about selling your product.

    I've seen people get super paranoid and spend more time on trying to product a product that they eventually disappeared because they stopped promoting it and stopped coming up with new ones.
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    This might help a bit to answer your question; theft can be a serious problem when you're selling digital products but you can also set the download link to expire after a fixed amount of time because content theft and piracy can hurt your revenue
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    As a few people previously posted here your mp3 product will never be 100% protected from piracy. However, there are a few low cost options that you may want to consider to deter people from sharing your "thank you" page.

    1. Set up WooCommerce inside of WordPress - you can set it so the user has to register with your site in order to download the product (which forces them to login again to download). If you see that too many people start to download the file you can disable that user's login.

    Also, inside of WooCommerce you can limit the number of downloads and/or an expiration date so people can only access the link for certain time period.

    2. Use a membership plugin (such as Ultimate Membership Pro or S2 Member or others for WordPress). Many of these programs will have the option to set encrypted URL's for download and then only allow X number of downloads per link (similar to DLGuard but cheaper).

    Finally, remember to get an SSL for your site (or at minimum the site you are selling products) so sensitive payment information is not passed over an insecure connection during purchase.

    Best of luck to you and as many others have already stated ... just doing it will make you more successful than many others trying to make a living online.
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    What you want is a unique code sent to each purchaser that expires, or that only works once. Since you do not seem to have the expertise to do this your self or the money to subscribe to such a service, a super low-tech solution is just to rotate your download directory.

    Say your download is called FooBar.pdf. You put it in /xu3f/FooBar.pdf and send out the link. You say the link will expire in 24 hours. Then you create a new directory and send out the new link which might be /33dh/FooBar.pdf. You keep the old directory for a day and then delete it. Do this every day.

    I know it is not as good as a unique download link, but it solves the issue of someone posting the download link on a site somewhere and you giving away 5,000 copies. And it is low-tech and free!
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    No matter how 'clever' or 'secure' you get people will hack and steal if they want to. Young kids are being taught all that's necessary in that department already. Concentrate on your marketing and it will out-weigh the thieving - you might even get rich. Remember; If your products are rubbish 'no-one' will steal them anyway .... Loosen-up and go-with-the-flow :-)
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