Do affiliate make money on clickbank

by pabda
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Hello, Do affiliate make money on clickbank, or am I just wasting my time?
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    Yes they do, look for a good quality offer on your niche + laser targeted traffic (most preferred Facebook ads ) and write good emails that would convert... You will get there eventually
    *NB offers with grav less than 50 are hard to convert
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    Of course they do... I do...
    All you have to do is Find a Proved converting offer with hight gravity....
    Offer a Free gift as the entry of your funnel...
    sell the product in the back end or with followup emails ...
    Find Lazer targeted traffic . Facebook, Youtube , PPC....
    Good Luck
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    Yes they do my friend.

    Yes i do. And it's not over night happens.

    It took Ewen Chia 5 years to got hist first sale, Peng Joon is 9 months straigh.

    If you are not make any sale yet, that's nomal and super right.
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    I have many free videos on Youtube, most audiobooks. Just a text link with shortener service to Clickbank products let people click on this. Via stats I wonder how many people are really clicking on this. Till far i earned about 700€ there. Links not even respond to content of video.

    But there are no rules. Long time it has worked but for now no more sells ;(
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    offers with grav less than 50 are hard to convert
    When I was a CB affiliate I wouldn't touch any product over 30.

    I like promoting small, easily dominated niches.

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    Yes, people do make money with clickbank. But not by RAW promoting it.
    The reason RAW promoting will most likely not work is because too many people are promote clickbank product in the spammy way.

    The most popular and effective way i see people make money with clickbank is promote within their own product or their on marketing funnel.

    Or you can try to establish a good relationship with your list first then promote clickbank product after that.

    Another way is to promote unpopular clickbank product but this is risky as you don't know how well they will convert.
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    Originally Posted by pabda View Post

    Hello, Do affiliate make money on clickbank, or am I just wasting my time?
    Of course they do. They wouldn't be in business if affiliates didn't make money.
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  • The answer is YES. ClickBank is one of the most established and known affiliate networks. A lot of affiliate marketers started in promoting products from ClickBank. But then, success in affiliate marketing does not happen overnight. Just like any job, you need to really stay focused and determined to work on your goals.
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