Help: I am not sure what experience to look for in this marketing person

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I need your help in identifying what is the correct title of the marketing person for which i am looking.

I have recently read the book Traction by Gabriel Weinberg ( and it was a real eye opener for me. I am hoping someone here who has read this book and can give me some guidance.

What I have predominately focussed on in these 3 months has been product development solely. Having now read Traction, i know this strategy is not ideal. What is ideal, and what the books advises, is to split your time 50/50 between product and traction. So 50% of my time should really be focussed on testing the different traction channels to see which ones are going to yield the best results, for when i do launch.

Im a noob when it comes to marketing/traction so ive decdided to try and hire someone experienced who can help me on this. I will look for them on Upwork to start with.

The reason I have come to this forum is because i dont know what the job title on which i should be focussing. There are so many. I dont know which are too junior, which are too niche, which are overkill, which are the most relevant etc. Is it a lead generation person i am after? A marketing strategist? A digital marketer? Content marketer? Any advice on this would be great.


- Help me brainstorm all the relevant traction channels relevant to my product;
- Help me brainstorm all the various channel strategies within them;
- Help me form various hypotheses relating to those strategies;
- Execute on channel strategies to test these hypotheses;
- Track the responses of those strategies with data tracking and data analytics tool;
- Analyse data to reject or accept the hypotheses we've both formed;


I am a founder of a 3 month old startup in the software-as-a-service space. In short, the software is a 3D visualisation tool that artists and photographers use to digitally present their work on.

The startup is pre-revenue and pre-launch. Its in private beta at present and has about 80 users (beta testers). Those beta testers were acquired from one closed facebook group to which i posted. Since then, I have done no other mnarketing on it whatsoever. When i do launch, in December, it wil be a freemium model where users pay a monthly fee to subscribe to the premium version.

Look forward to hearing from any helpful members.

Thank you for reading !
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    It sounds like you need a senior executive type specializing in launching SaaS products. Maybe even a partner.

    The odds of finding someone like that on Upwork are somewhere between slim and none.

    I think you'd have much more fruitful hunting someplace like LinkedIn.
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    What you're really after is a digital marketer who knows how to build the right funnel for your product to form the right avatar (perfect customer) so you attract the right perfect clients into your funnel.

    This person will need experience in, but not limited to;

    Blogging, email marketing, lead page copy, lead page construction, relationship building, launch strategies, sales page copy, sales page creation, tacking and testing.

    You need a digital marketing pro.
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  • Profile picture of the author Klinton may be a good resource, not necessarily marketing specific...since you're about to launch, etc...check the site out; see if it's a match for your needs.

    Best on your continued success!
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    With the description given, you might want to look into hiring a digital marketer that will help you to do all these things.
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    Not Upwork. Not high-enough level.

    Sounds like you want to delegate everything. You can't. can...but when something goes wrong, and you lose your golden goose, you have no idea what to do to get it back because you didn't learn anything.

    Nobody knows how to do the thing until after they've done the thing. I've created many sales funnels but I don't know how to make THIS client's sales funnel work until after I've done it. Do I have a framework? Of course. But do I know this market's pain points, the copy that will make them take action? Nope...not until after I've put up some conversion tools and sent live traffic to it, and made some adjustments from the feedback.

    And that's what you have to do.

    If you don't understand your market well enough to know where you fit in (which is leading to your first three "help me" To Do bullet points), you have to study it more.

    That may not be fun to hear--and I had to recently hear it myself about a market I've been studying for years--but it's the truth. You probably need to talk to more people in that marketplace.

    As for SaaS, I've been in that marketplace for over a decade. And the underlying problems in it have not changed. #1 problem: founders go out and create a solution they think is a cool idea but nobody asked for. Then they have to rush around looking for buyers for it. Wrong order.

    It's possible to recover from that but not easy.
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