Learning IM require time and patience, but life doesn't waiting you... What to do then?

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Hello warrior, may I annoy you with my story?

I'm a 24 years old guy. From the day I was born I always suffered from a very serious social anxiety disorder. Psychologists weren't able to fix my problem.
I'm living a shitty life and probly I will always be like this.

Anyway, even with my social anxiety disorder, to keep living I still need money like everyone else.
So as soon as I get my highschool diploma I tried to get money online. At that time I knew nothing about seo, about how to earn online and so on.
I only knew about cms, how to setup websites, etc.

At that time I wanted money as soon as possible. This is why I joined the "dark side" building an anime streaming site. During my teens I watched a lot of anime.
With no marketing or seo knowledge, with just a starting budget of 100$ (for hostings, domains, etc), this project went extremely succesfull.
On June 2014 I get something like 1200000 monthly users. I earned good with adsense, something like 800$/month at that time.

But this didn't last of course. After that month traffic started to decrease drastically.
Doing google researches about this I went on a online marketing forum for the first time. They helped me to find the issue. I was getting tons of DMCA notifications.
I overreacted. I had fear to get sue so I closed the website.

But reading that forum I had a better understanding about seo and stuff online. So on 2016 I built an amazon affiliate website. Then a second and a third. And started buy costly PBN domains doing seo.

I earned nothing on 2016. That year google released tons of updates that made everything slow. But I spent about 4000$ (all the money I had from the streaming website) trying to build a legit business. On 2017, two of them hit position #1, and the other is on position #10.

But I made some mistakes. My fear of competition (You can read here: http://www.warriorforum.com/showthread.php?p=11207647) lead my projects to seasonal niches with low-to-nothing competitors.

So I earned pretty bad. Spending 4000$ I earned 200$/month (600$ total) for 3 month this year.
Huge failure and so far from making a living.

Knowing this I tried to turn the third seasonal website into a dropshipping store. You can read about it here http://www.warriorforum.com/showthread.php?p=11226791
I thought with a dropshipping store I would have been able to get more money and get back better from my investment.
But as you can read there, people doesn't add items to cart and I have no idea what I did wrong this time.

So I don't know what to do now. I would really like to keep learning IM. For me it's the only way to survive at this life I guess. But I'm starting to getting older. All my struggle, and all the project I did so far means nothing for a possible CV and this is so sad and depressing for me.

My parents believe in me and in everything I do.
But my relatives doesn't. They think I'm a failure because I never found a job and also despise me because I embarass my parents. Basically when someone ask my parents what I'm doing, they answer I'm working online. But relative think it's a lie that my parents say because my parents are embarassed by me.

And to be honest... they are not wrong. So far I accomplished nothing. If I should write a CV now it would be empty. A cousin of mine 3 years younger than me is earning 2000$/month by doing the waiter at a high class restaurant... and you have no idea of much his parents despise me, believing their son is better than me. Not that I really care about this single-headed competition, it's just they are not wrong.

So I have no idea what to do with my life. Keep going with IM, failing and maybe give up about the idea of a possible future decent work (Even if I prefer to not aim to it due to my social problems). Or maybe give up IM. I have no friends to help me and I really don't know what to do.
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    If you've been working online for 3+ years and still aren't able to maintain yourself you might as well get a regular job. Maybe do the internet stuff on your time off.
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      If there's one thing I regret it is getting a full time job when the whole "internet thing" wasn't working for me and then having to start from scratch years later.
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    Believe it or not, you are on the exact same track as many people who eventually succeeded...it is NEVER a straight line or overnight success (that lasts anyway). The key is to stick to it. If you need to pick up a part-time job to fund another 12-months and eventually getting your online business to work then DO IT. It may suck short-term, but will keep you motivated and happier in the medium to long-term.

    The thing about your resume being "empty" - not quite...you have learned the basics about Adsense, setting up online e-commerce sights, sourcing products, etc.... that can be extremely valuable for future employment (should you decide to eventually go that direction instead of building your own business)

    You have also learned lessons such as don't base your entire business model around Google :-) The entire Adsense dependency dashed many people's dreams of becoming an online millionaire :-)

    I could see that freight train coming miles away and only played around with it on the fringe but never made it my core business - seemed crazy to do that when you knew Google is constantly changing the game.

    With your e-comm approach - study people who have been successful. One thing I noticed from your other thread about people visiting but not buying...from what I could tell around your post you are not using either Amazon or Shopify...the challenge when you do NOT and you are starting up is that people feel they can trust those platforms, their reviews, their shipping and payment terms, etc...

    My guess is that you are educating the market and the ones that want to buy are heading to Amazon and making their purchase there. Not always about price either, combination of price, selection, and trust.
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    Yeah, you do not want to keep all your eggs in one basket. You have not control over your business when you leave it in Googles hands. They can pull the carpet out from under you at any time. 7 years ago I lost a $500 per day business relying on google. A lot of heavy bills I could no longer pay for.

    If you spent a year doing nothing else than building an email list in a particular market and niche you will then have developed your own traffic supply. For example I can broadcast a message to my list and I can have commissions coming in within a very short time.

    Of course like google you need to pay attention to what your doing so you do not lose your email account but you can also download your leads say every week...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    If I was in that situation, I Just Ignore relatives and
    Find a part Time Job, Then Keep Working online.
    Stick with On Strategy , master it , even if it takes you a year.
    when you have a steady income from it, start another one...
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    I suggest you adopt a daily ritual you don't deviate from

    As long as you fine tune as you go along and build on your successes, no matter how small, you'll achieve a breakthrough

    Don't let negative people get you down

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    You are too serious...

    Why you should care about your "single-headed competition"?

    Do they give you money? or any value you get from them?

    If not just let it go and keep doing what you like
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    It sounds like you have a very low opinion of yourself.

    You are also discouraged. I am not certain of this, but I think that
    there is some unwritten law that states that if you go into
    internet marketing, then you must get discouraged.

    If your parents are proud of you, then don't concern yourself with
    your relative's opinions.

    I would take the above suggestion about getting a job so that
    you have some money. You can still work online.

    My concern is that you are not working as hard as you think you are.
    If you are doing e-commerce with Amazon, and have set up three
    websites, it sounds like you are spending time putting up websites
    instead of promoting and marketing products.

    Why not just one site with separate pages to promote your
    seasonal "Specials"? Just a suggestion.

    What can you do?

    You can keep doing what you are doing, continuing to feel sorry
    for yourself, and beat yourself up because you aren't waiting tables.


    You can find out how people get customers to e-commerce sites, you know,
    those things called Marketing Strategies, and learn about how to develop
    a customer base.

    Just don't go off into another area of marketing because you think that it
    will be easier - it won't be!

    Just for the record, I would take a good long, hard look at what you do
    when you are online. How much time do you actually spend working when
    you are "Working"? What do you get distracted by when you are working?
    Pay attention to the little things so that you can get focused.

    Originally Posted by ShadowLink View Post

    I'm living a shitty life and probly I will always be like this.
    One more thing - You are right. You will always have a "Shitty" life - IF
    you believe that you will.

    I wish you all the best.
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    Originally Posted by ShadowLink View Post

    Hello warrior, may I annoy you with my story?

    Why would you want to do that

    Seriously, this game is not for everyone. Sometimes it takes more courage to quit after all the signs say you should.

    -Robert Andrew
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    Hi SL,

    Keep on keeping on buddy.

    My advice? Your struggles are rooted in some deep fear. Feel the fear - however unpleasant - and the struggles will dissolve, as you will move into new, inspired actions that eventually yield rocking results when you feel and clear the struggle-producing fear.

    I had many issues with my blogging career for years. But I eventually decided to feel my terrors, to face and experiences my deep fears and loss and failure and criticism and losing everything. It sucked. Big time. But after clearing the feelings I did a bunch of guest posting and blog commenting and promoting of my eBooks and also, I promoted other bloggers freely....doing all these things for months, then years....and success began to find my persistently.

    Keep your head up, embrace those fears, and things will turn.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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