Adtech Influencers to follow

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Staying up-to-date with recent developments is mandatory in such a fast-paced environment as adtech, in order to remain compliant with the rules and be competitive. Our list of "brilliant minds to follow" includes the following:

1. Greg Blackman - CEO & Co-founder at Bidfluence
2. Timothy Whitfield - Group M's Director of Technical Operations
3. Rachael Lonergan- Head of Strategy at Foundation
4. David Yuan - Technology Crossover Ventures' General Partner
5. Arianna Huffington - Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Huffington Post and now Founder and CEO of Thrive Global
6. Melissa Parrish - VP, Research Director at Forrester
7. Randall Rothenberg - President and CEO at the Interactive Advertising Bureau
8. Beth Comstock - Vice Chair at GE
9. Steve Rubel - Edelman's Chief Content Strategist
10. Randi Zuckerberg - founder & CEO Zuckerberg Media
11. Rob Norman - Chief Digital Officer at GroupM

Who are we missing?
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