Do people still test things with a bad wrap?

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I have always wondered like usual if things with a bad wrap to people always remain that way or change?

If you tested selling on Amazon and failed did you try again?

What's your opinion on this? Would you try something again or leave it be?

What's your experiences ?
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    Hi Hellome12, to be honest I don't work with Amazon but I do think that perhaps maybe the product you were selling was not as popular as you might have thought it to be, or perhaps the product needs to be targeted to well. I believe it depends on the stated above as well as how long you have been promoting the product.
    Also consider, did you try your very best? Did you take all necessary action steps to achieve your goals?
    I wish you the best.
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      I wanted to hear from others about their own experiences. I heard so much about Amazon though. Me myself I've never touched Amazon with dropshipping. I just know a lot of the products I buy I think they've most likely been something that was dropshipped next thing I know I ask the supplier and they don't want to answer. Dropshipping would work if suppliers were really honest but they don't want to be. It's so many things to do on the internet but it's so hard to trust it when serval people sell the same product about one topic and claim it's different information each time. It really makes you wonder.
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    Amazon is one of my sources of income.

    If I was failing at making money from Amazon I would keep learning and testing different ways to improve my efforts. I would not blame Amazon. There are hundreds of thousands of Amazon affiliates all around the world making money.

    The same is true of any legitimate way to make money online. If it is a tried and true method that people have used for years to make money and I am failing at it - it is MY fault.

    There are always endless ways to improve our marketing. Also there are perpetual changes we need to adapt to if we want to stay profitable. The most successful Internet marketers are constantly trying to improve even when they are making money.
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      I like the way you said that.

      Many people would blame the platform. But it's not the platforms fault. And I don't know if your okay with me asking but when it comes to Amazon being one of your income sources are you combining that with ads from Facebook?

      From what I heard supposedly you can't dropship on Amazon like you can't list products that you don't already have? I'm not sure on how it works.

      I've heard people say you can start dropshipping without any money and some say that you do need money. I don't know but I think in the end the Honset sellers are the ones that get ahead and people that may try to take heavy shortcuts it will hurt them in the long run.
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