How can I make finally sell my 1st Info product?

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Hi guys my name is Gonçalo I'm new to the War Room but I've heard amazing things and saw awesome content in here already.

So my problem is that I have my own clickbank info product for 5 months now, I have a good social following and a blog which doesn't get much traffic because I don't think my VSL/Sales Page is ready for paid traffic yet even thought I've tried and failed in the past and my info product has sold aproximadetely...0 copies.

I know this is terrible and worst than the thousands that I've spent on Digital Marketing, Social Media and Clickbank courses is the fact that I already know how to do it... in paper.

I know the theory of it:

Traffic -» Squezee page -» Freebie -» Email -» VSL/Sales page and convert.

But my conversions are on 0% since I've started even thought the blog is starting to get some traffic and my social media is reaching big numbers.

Honestly I'm devasted each day that I look at the Clicbank account and watch all the 0s in there but I don't know what the hell to change first.

I don't know if you guys had the same issue or have found a solid solution for this either I take all the help I can take.

Gonçalo Morais
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