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Hello! First my understandingersonal Transformation is a sub niche of "Personal development"

Please help!
1. Can someone tell me why there are not many personal Transformation products on Clickbank with a good Grav. score (at least greater than 30 for me)?. Is this suppose to be a bad sign?. Products with a Grav. 30 in the Personal Development sub niches are between 5 and 10 in number.

2. How can I narrow the Sub niche "Personal Transformation" further?
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    You might want to focus on building your Author brand first

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    Couple of points regarding sub-niches within personal development or self-help niche from personal experience:

    1. Don't only go by Clickbank, especially Gravity given that there are few sub-niches within CB where affiliates search this marketplace - mostly around self-help topics border relationships and/or making money...otherwise other niches are better served elsewhere

    2. The self-help/personal development space is tricky in that you have to latch on to very specific demand...could be things like "Life Coaching System" or "Habit Changing System" or even "Master Reiki" or even "How To Attract Friends or Others To You" In other words, people search for very specific keywords and/or to solve very specific problems. Life Transformation may be a solution or a requirement for achieving some of these, but you need to be more specific and do more research on the specific search terms and problems people are looking to solve.

    Try video training directories like this one to get insight on courses such as Udemy - for example:

    It's good you are asking this as many people charge off and target general topics within self-improvement/self-help and fail
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