After you hit 'publish,' where do you distribute your blog post these days?

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How do you distribute/repurpose your articles after publishing?

I.e. These days, what blog traffic sources perform best for you?
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    I post content on my Facebook Page

    I then ask my VA to post that content on FB groups as well as tweet it out

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    Originally Posted by allancaeg View Post

    How do you distribute/repurpose your articles after publishing?

    I.e. These days, what blog traffic sources perform best for you?
    I'm trying, Reddit and Youtube.
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    • I heard medium is good, and pinterest is really good Mellysa Griffin shes the Queen when it comes to Pinterest.

      Reddit is really dangerous, you cant just dump your links and go, they will bite your hands off and your links will get banned from the platform permanently.

      Quora is another good place
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    You want to build up a following on your social profiles and post to them.

    So build up a following on Twitter, FB, FB fan page, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest etc and post to these properties every time you publish a new post.

    If you do this, you'll get free traffic to your site on the same day of posting.

    This is what I do and it works great for me.
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    there so many you can distribute your articles . On my blog i set up a plugin that allows me to automatically publish to all my social medias. so when i heat publish, its posted every were on my page. Also SEO is good but you need to know how to rank or get someone that know. I rank for my self though am still a beginner in SEO

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    Could try to find some RSS aggregator sites in your niche.
    See if you can get listed.
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    This really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If it is to simply get eyeballs on your blog post, we just post to Google+, Twitter, Facebook and sometimes LinkedIn.

    We use our blogs for link building, however, so the number of people who see the blog doesn't matter to us nearly as much as the number of backlinks we get from the article. We don't create a piece until we already know the sites that have linked to similar articles and we reach out to those sites after publishing our post. That gets us both eyeballs and a link.
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    For me typically Facebook page, Twitter, google+
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    Facebook , Reddit , Youtube , Tumblr, Pinterest , Twitter, instagram.....
    I do Them All
    But Q&A Sites and Blog Comments are the best...
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    You can post it everywhere like facebook, stumbledUpon, scoopit, tumblr, reddit like my fellow warriror rightfully said and even spin the articles and post them on articles sites too. Hope that helps
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