How to find people that are 'in market' ready to buy

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Hey Warriors,

Do any of you guys know how to find people that are 'in market' and ready to buy. There are some internet marketers that are now offering this service, they claim they are using big data to find people that are 'in market'.

They claim they can produce lists of people that are ready to buy in your chosen niche, along with name, email and cell number.

How do they do this?

If you can shed any light on this that would be great.


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    I think you ought to be a little skeptical about the claims of any marketer that offers things which seem too good, too perfect, too easy . . .

    Having said that, do a search on this forum and a search in Google on the phrase "commercial intent." You will see that there are some keyword phrases that may be used more often by people ready to make a purchase than other related phrases.

    Another possibility is the venue where you choose to look for prospects. But be careful with this as some marketers choose to "scrape" names from certain websites, forums, and directories to make up their lists of "buyers."

    Also be aware that some marketers simply buy lists of names that have been harvested from large data bases, FFA sites, "safe lists", etc and then re-sell them claiming their list is "red hot" or "buyers only" or really anything else they want to claim. You can buy 100K contact lists on eBay for $15.

    You have to ask yourself the question . . . how does the seller of these lists really know that anyone on the list will buy what you plan to offer? They don't. They are just marketing their product. Ask the seller to provide you with a list and contact information from 10 people that have been successful selling to their list.


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  • That depends on many factors. For example,
    - what kind of business do you have - Retail or Service? Based on your
    question, Im assuming (I hate to assume) service?
    - what kind of Industry are you in?
    - do you have a particular niche?
    - what are you offering?
    etc, etc

    Now, If you're looking leads, I'd start with googling. What would I google? Well, I'd start with 'basic', eighth grade level queries geared towards need, not your product or service because the person googling doesn't know what the actual terms are for your particular industry or that your even exists! In MOST cases, if you're Googling for a solution, you're in the mindset to buy.
    But then it gets a little more complicated... "Who" are the people searching
    searching for my product or service?

    In order to tailer a campaign around your audience and produce profitable
    you have to know what "kind" of audience you're seeking. They'd fall into
    three categories: Interests, Behavioral, Demographics. Most people only
    choose Demographics because that's the term most Marketers use - which
    is, unfortunately, dated. This kind of data is difficult to google unless you're
    looking at Census-like data, which again, would be dated by at least 3-5

    To figure that out, I'd head over to Facebook and use a tool called "Audience Insights", look for my audience, get the data needed and then
    use that data to advertise on facebook and/or for google search / analytics! Some of the info provided by Facebook could also be used to find leads/buyers on Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

    This is a social world where people will give you almost anything you'd ask!
    They'd even tell you if they have a hole in their left sock!

    I don't offer marketing services but i own multiple businesses (20+yrs) and
    have over 100 domains so im VERY familiar with the latest marketing
    techniques! The stuff listed above is just the tip of the iceberg and can get a little overwhelming, fast! So, hit me up if you need more info!
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    I remember seeing something like "guaranteed signups" offer some 6 yrs ago. Such things do not work. If it works they would not offer it to the public. But I also saw better than that offers which seem to work. The problem is they ask you money that you can't afford.

    So better move in the already known methods. For example, people searching with "product + reviews" are likely to make purchases. So if you can rank your website or even video for such keywords, I almost guarantee that you will make several sales per day. I saw it myself and this gives you card on hand visitors that are ready to buy.
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    "in market ready to buy" is a big claim. Pay attention to what Steve said.

    There are places like, that sell lists of names (with contact info) that can be sorted by a number of categories. They are not ready to buy... They are just people who fit a certain criteria (women, ages 30-40, living in a part of the city where house prices are at least $200), etc.

    They buy their data from places that sell stuff... Like, when you sign up for an offer at a store and have to give some info about yourself to get it... That info gets sold. Also sold, when you pay with credit/debit card. Also sold, when you pay with cash but have to fill out an order with name, address, etc. Also sold, when you respond to any offer for anything where you give info about yourself.

    The idea being that, if you have the right criteria and send to a large enough number of them your offer, enough of them will buy to make you happy...

    If they're talking about online activity... You can scrape profile info... Of course, some profiles are nothing but lies.

    You can have contests, and part of participating is asking people for info: Do you know this product? Are you likely to buy it? How soon do you plan to buy it? (I've got two email messages like that in the last month. They did not ask for info, but they had my IP address, they asked for my sex, age, income bracket... They were learning, among other things what type of offer to send to my computer.)

    You can meet ready-to-buy people online as was described above.

    Think about yourself... you've googled things like:
    How do you replace broken shingles on your roof for reasons other than that you were planning to do something about your roof.
    You've also googled something like: where can I buy x or how much does x cost. The chances that you were planning on buying were greater than when you typed something like: how do they make x?

    Now, put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs or wants what you're selling? How would they search for it online?

    Take those phrases and run them through Google keyword tools... It will come with a long list, including both ready-to-buy and not-ready-to-buy... Sort them out. If the AdWords competition is high, odds are really good the keyword is a 'ready-to-buy' keyword... Might be easy or hard for SEO and definitely hard for AdWords... But it's a buying keyword.

    Your job is to either learn how to compete in AdWords and win on that keyword, learn how to compete in SEO and win on that keyword or to find similar keywords with less competition in AdWords or in SEO.

    But, if you only focus on ready-to-buy, you miss out on a lot... People who're likely to buy in 3 months, if they hear about you now and a few times between now to when they're ready to buy, and hear things they like, are good people to focus on too. That's why people have sales funnels. Sales funnels work.
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    I'm with Steve on this one, as I often am.

    If they claimed "interested" that's one thing. But "in market ready to buy" seems a psychic claim.

    I've shopped for Taylor guitars on Amazon and therefore my timeline on Facebook is now filled with Taylor guitars. I'm definitely interested but sadly I'm not ready to buy Dang.

    It's true some surveys say "Do you plan to buy a car in the next month?" So perhaps, if those answering are honest, you could say they are ready to buy.

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    You can buy access to email lists like Barron's, who have people already opted-in to receive certain financial offers. These are niche-based obviously but they do exist. Expect to pay four figures to be able to message a significant chunk of their subscribers, so you have a chance of getting results.
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    If the lead sellers OP mentions GUARANTEE some % of conversion then such lead lists would be worth a try

    It does seem fishy though

    If the lead list is 'in market' and 'ready to buy' why don't the lead sellers just market to the list directly?

    Why sell it?

    Something doesn't quite add up and that's why you need to insist on a guarantee
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