Can someone please suggest or guide me on launch of a Mass page builder

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I am seeking advice and guidance from all the growth hackers.

I am on a edge of making a plugin or else a SaaS based framework where my propsect customers can create mass pages for lead generation sites of theirs, hundreds of pages a day, and thousands almost 15k++ in same month. With indexing, and much more.

How shall I launch this?

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    Try click-funnels you will never go wrong with it but its costly
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      Thank you!

      And please also suggest on how to get users using this.
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        Originally Posted by Yakin Shah View Post

        . . . suggest on how to get users using this.

        Most likely, the same way any plug-in or software is released - get your product in the hands of beta testers and give them an incentive to use it. If they find it useful and valuable, you will then be able to get testimonials and endorsements from them. If not, if the product is useless or only marginally helpful, they will let you know that, as well.


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    I would like to know more about your mass page builder, maybe become a beta-tester for you
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    To get people to use your service/software, you have to show proof of concept by actual users over a period of time that makes sense.

    What is the purpose of your software? For example, if your software is creating "doorway/landing pages" on a mass scale, you would need to address the question, "Do bulk doorway/landing pages improve SEO rankings?"

    Another question to address, are the links hosted by you or on the users domain? If they are hosted by you, what happens to the links after the service is stopped? And do you share domains with many other companies, etc.?

    How is the content generated for the pages? Is it spun? Are there design options?

    These are the basic questions you would need to address.
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    benefits is important .. the question is does it work ?
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