How can I double my internet marketing productivity in 30 days?

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This means one of two things:

You want to get twice as much done in a set amount of time
You want to work for twice as much time to get twice as much done.

The second one would mean at least 80 hour weeks or worse, so I'll assume you mean the first.

The solution to it is quite simple: stop doing half of the things you're doing right now.

We all tend to waste time on things that don't add value to what we want to be working on, and when we do this "busy work" we hurt our productivity significantly.

Ruthlessly cut out anything that isn't contributing to your broader goals and focus intensely on what actually matters, and you'll do much more than double your productivity.
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    The 80/20 Rule is always in effect

    Only 20% of the things you do on a daily basis add 80% of the value to your life

    Find that 20%, ditch everything else, and expand that 20%
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    • agreed.

      List all the income producing activites (20%) and all the admin task (80%0

      Like writeaway said, outsource the admin task and then put 80% effort on the 20% tasks.

      Then, within the income producing tasks, see what you can automate, for. e.g getting leads, instead of manually going to Facebook groups, learn FB ads

      another e.g. Instead of talking to everyone, put an application system inplace that will get people who are interested to apply
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    outsource the per hour type jobs you're currently doing. Easier said than done, and not always the right solution, but if it can be done, its a game changer.
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    My own personal experience is this:

    It's easy and trendy to say only do those things that add to the bottom line or drop all the little tasks that aren't directly profitable.

    Here's the problem: If you are a solo business owner, many if not all of those little "background" and "insignificant" tasks still need to be done in order that your business system runs smoothly and efficiently. You can't just drop them!

    Of course, if you are wasting time or not doing tasks that are essential, sure ... drop them and move on with your business. But if you are charged with daily execution, and your tasks include all the little "indirect" and seemingly insignificant things that have to be done, you can't just drop one-half of all you're doing and still have a functioning business.

    Yes, I agree that some things can be outsourced. But every business owner is in a different situation and sometimes the owner doesn't have the luxury of paying someone else to do even minor tasks.

    The best to all of you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Re: delegating, it took me ages--probably 5 years--to delegate tasks because I was sure the contractor couldn't do the work "the way I would do it." And that unique point of view is why people hire me. Turned out a) they could, with some guidance, and b) they could do some things better than I could.

    On the 80/20 Rule aka Pareto's Law side, I was taught it in my operations management training 20 years ago and it is a truth. It's not always 80/20, sometimes it's 90/10 or 60/40 or whatever other combination, but there's always a smaller set of causes that produce a majority of the effects. So absolutely we are wasting are time with much of the activities we "must" do every day.

    What I've found is most people don't even know what they're doing. Get a diary and write down what you do every hour for at least 3 days. It's a powerful exercise. Don't rely on memory--get it down at once. Otherwise you'll lie to yourself. You will discover much of your time, while perhaps spent sitting in front of the computer, is not spent on productive tasks.

    Once you know what you're actually doing, you can adjust. Batching tasks has made a huge difference in my life. F'instance, when I'm writing posts or articles, I first come up with the subjects and titles for say half a dozen. That's the first batch. Then I write the articles. So much faster to write when I don't have to figure out the topics one at a time.
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    Hi X,

    I just do a few things I enjoy doing, and that I rock out, every day.

    A few simple things; guest posting, blog commenting, helping people on Warrior and Quora. Easy peasy really, because giving my attention and energy to these few simple things for hours daily allows my blogging business to grow.

    Smart advice here. Trim the fat. You're left with the meat.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Hi X,

      I just do a few things I enjoy doing, and that I rock out, every day.

      The only way to do it if you want to be around long term
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    you cannot do this alone rather you can do this via social media, how?

    1. Social network sharing
    2. Social signal
    3. Social sharing

    Where your content and link will be spread across the net and you will get more leads which lead to traffic and turn to massive income.
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    Originally Posted by Xuxu HaNa View Post

    Ruthlessly cut out anything that isn't contributing to your broader goals and focus intensely on what actually matters, and you'll do much more than double your productivity.
    Can you give us some examples of those things we could cut out


    It is true that money can not buy happiness, But it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

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      1. get off warriorforum, unless you are looking for solutions to a specific result (unlike me, here)
      2. stop looking at impressions every 10 minutes
      3. stop starting threads about doubling productivity

      Just off the top of my head.

      Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

      Can you give us some examples of those things we could cut out

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  • Originally Posted by Xuxu HaNa View Post

    Ruthlessly cut out anything that isn't contributing to your broader goals and focus intensely on what actually matters, and you'll do much more than double your productivity.
    I've found that doing 80% paid advertising, 10% free marketing, and 10% automation marketing helps me to reach productivity results that you describe. Imagine waking up everyday and just running ads. By the time 20 minutes have passed, you could be done with your marketing chores for the whole day.
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  • "The best way to do this is by not doing it"

    Let me explain, you need leverage. Hire people to do the things that you are not absolutely passionate about doing. Do what you love, hire the rest. Teamwork will achieve your objective, hard work will tire you out.

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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    You can definitely hire people to do the work for you. If you are on a tight budget, can you perhaps make a list of places you want to advertise on and then create a schedule and follow through for 30 days? Also, I literally just landed on this website, which seems promising:
    wishing you the best!!
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    To double your internet marketing productivity should not equate with doubling the hours you allot to do the normal outcome. For you to achieve double marketing productivity you should work smart and learn strategies that will make your productivity twice or more without compromising much of your time.
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    A careful study of your results is the way forward.

    If an activity is actually getting you results then continue with it. If it is not then ditch it. People waste time doing stuff that does not give a good return on the time investment.

    The key is to measure the effectiveness of what you are doing. People seem to keep doing things that they "Like" even though they are not getting results from it.
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    True but you can do only 20% things in a day.
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    Although many people work at night. I tend to do most of my work first thing in the morning. I seem to work faster this way and then catch up with revisions etc later on in the day.
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    You should to use pomodoro technique. Pomporo is a famous method for increase productivity.

    Also on the findthedecision site you can see many other tips for increase your productivity
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