How to get more fiverr orders?

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Hi, I'm Hussain Ali Arif. I'm graphic designer and i love to design because it allow me to express myself through styles, shapes and color. had work for different organization. I have achieve the BEST GRAPHIC DESIGNER award in an event called Bahria got talent.

I'm level one seller and i'm facing problem as i'm not getting more clicks.
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    my friend. I am also a graphics designer and I design mobile games and apps with all other related work. It is not that I am getting a thousand orders every day but there are some tricks if you follow you can get more buyer and can hold them. Plz, follow these steps and if you see my gig structure, you will know how to optimize gigs for better traffic.

    1. gig images. they are very important mate. chose your best work and use them as gig preview images. do not use a very small image and do not use so many items in one image. be specific and to the point.

    2. Use proper videos. a simple whiteboard video cannot express that much as much you can do for your clients. So go for wide info and show them more samples instead of telling them that you can do that in your videos.

    3. Tags and titles are important. the best practice is to try to study similar 50 top gigs. write their title and tags. use mostly used tags and words. use them in your title and tags. but remember, never copy titles from other gigs. Do not copy either in gig descriptions.

    4. Gig descriptions. Try to tell here your work-related similar key word. like if you making an icon, tell here you can make amazing icons which are gorgeous, professional and quality full icon. User keywords in this way. Tell them what you going to serve and what you need to start the job. a clear info is important to get a job. Do not mention what you can not do.

    5. Use FAQ. Answer there most common questions about your job, your work, and your skills.

    6. Use PDF. put your other relevant work in that PDF and attach them into your gig.

    7. Provide gig extras. what you can do more provide them with your gig as gig extras. in this way, you can earn more money with your casual orders.

    Let me know if you face any difficulties.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Take care.
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    • Couldnt of explained it any better.

      I made money through fiver, initially I had one gig, nothing, then started adding loads of gigs, orders started to come in.

      So maybe add more gigs with the advice given above.
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    I need some guidance on the same too... I have been with Fiverr for sometime now and I have tried lot of method to move my GIG up but it never moves. I would like to know the method used by others which help them rank higher in Fiverr?
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    As I said. first try those, my friend. Try to stay online most of the time and replies your inboxes within 10 min.
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    1. Simple tittle with keyword your buyers are looking for. Determine this!
    2. Video is better. As stated by PixaMine above. Put your graphic design samples in your gig video. You don't need complicated video. Just simple video to show case your best works.
    3. Get active communication in your message box, even if there's no sale at all. Ask some friends to do this with you.
    4. If possible, ask your friends to buy. You know what to do with them, right?
    Good luck!

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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    I'm sure you do great with your designing work, but you have to understand that you are NOT a graphic designer. You are a MARKETER. This means that you should be promoting to lots of other people - for a higher fee than $5. Start your own site and learn how to market your service. Continue to use Fiverr, but use it as just another site that you get clients from. And if you can, boost the price of your services. Make sure you start your own site so that you can get paid what you're worth - instead of $4 profit for each Fiverr order.

    Plus with your own site, you wont have to wait 2 weeks for your money to be released to you.
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    Fiverr ranking is confusing sometimes you will get lots of sales and sometimes you don't get any. you just need to watch your account. as long as you"v done what is required you will get sales

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  • Adding more gigs helps a lot. Also, do not be afraid to market yourself outside Fiverr. There are a lot of freelancing sites out there, where you can get more clients. You may also want to get your own website and feature your works there. Having your own site gives you an edge. Market your work on business sites like LinkedIn. I also get a lot of offers there. Good Luck!
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    Secret success strategy to being the best on Fiverr is to give unlimited free revisions and offer free bonus plus 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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